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Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro video.
Title screen.
The attract mode includes a mini-tutorial on how to play the game.
Game mode selection screen.
Be sure to listen to this warning, otherwise you'll hurt yourself!
Here you can choose to play alone, with a friend, or in doubles mode.
You don't have all songs available - you can only choose from predetermined playlists. The character will change depending on which one you choose.
The song selection screen shows you the difficulty ratings and plays a preview of the song.
Once you've chosen a song, you can change the skill level you'll tackle next.
The main gameplay screen tells you how you're doing, your current combo, score, and tries to distract you with dancing characters.
You'll get to see your final results once you finish a song. Keep practicing!
A new addition (taken from the DDR Solo series) is six-panel mode, which can be quite challenging.
Workout mode allows you to modify several settings depending on your weight and goals for the day.
You can choose to play for a set amount of time, or until you burn a certain amount of calories.
Nonstop mode has you play through four songs right after the other, with no rest breaks!
Edit mode allows you to change a song's step layout and save it to your memory card.
Lesson mode teaches you the basics of DDR and has handy foot charts to get you going!
Tutorial mode has several options to help you practice any available song in the game, including metronome and speed adjustments.
Workout mode: This mode is for reach your calorie burning goal.
Good calorie burning, still moving.
Nonstop order mode, you can edit the songs and settings to be played in nonstop mode.
Edit data mode, you can choose official and custom steps from songs.
When the all music mode is on, you can choose all the songs available without choosing genres.