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Dead in the Water Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Unique logo.
Your invitation arrived today... to a mysterious tournament that takes place once a year...
Now it's your turn... The rules are simple...
Destroying everything I guess.
Title screen.
Loading screen.
Demo mode.
Main menu.
Options. Skill: Cabin Boy, Captain, and Admiral.
Controller Configuration.
Single competition mode. Battle game or Race game.
One of the MANY characters/"vehicles". These dudes are rich, I tell you.
Let's check Kandy, Brandi and Mandy BIO.
And this creature loves being depressed.
The Grand Canyon.
Paused! Camera: Medium, Loose, Tight.
Wrong way!
Nah, can't access the saloon.
That train can be annoying.
Final lap. Using the characters "Barry and Brad Buft".
Race results.
Race Tournament mode... The Story.
In case you want to read the whole thing.
The Speedway.
Yes, female lifeguards in action. Nitrooooo.
Being attacked or...?
ASC Games logo. Legit.
You're Dead In The Water.
The Shop. Checking the Funky Stuff.
Back to... The Grand Canyon.
Not sure what's going on. But at least I'm earning some $.
Season One Results.
The Arctic. There are other locations such as... Hong Kong, Loch Ness, The Amazon, The Bermuda Triangle, etc.
That sucks, huh.
Am I launching a rocket?
Inside the tunnel.
Almost finishing...
Yeah, too bad.
One more bio.
Battle Tournament mode. Number 7 in action.
...Inviso Ray?