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Main menu
From the intro: Tina, one of the favorite characters from the game.
Another girl from the intro: Lei-Fang
Remember me? Ryu Hayabusa, from Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series, makes an appearance in the game.
Despite the blockiness of the models, they still move with the now-classic DOA grace, especially in their ready positions..
Bouncing Breasts on! The option screen, featuring one of the most debated options in the game.
Blocking and countering are very important parts of DOA style fighting.
A DOA2 shot? Nope, just another intro shot.
Ground control to Maj.Gen-Fu. The explosive boundaries of the battle zones can really send you for a literal loop.
Every inch a weapon. You don't often see flying bottom attacks in fighting games.
Clone Wars. Bruce Lee clone Jann-Lee puts a headlock on the Dennis Rodman wannabe, Zack.
Replay shows the last move before the opponent goes K.O.
Gen-Fu vs. Bayman
Survival mode
The Team Battle Report
Get up!
Starting the Dead Or Alive Tournament with Lei-Fang
This match is over if Hayabusa hits me now.
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