Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Saturn (UK):
    2205 Anno domini

    You are a lone cyberneer and the last remaining hope for the human race.

    The sudden and mysterious death of your friend and colleague has thrown you into a web of corporate and deception. The key to survival lies in the depths of a remote deep space mining station MRP6F, which after 200 years of peace is suddenly threatened by an alien onslaught. Defcon 5 is a frantic race against the clock set in a glorious 3D environment. Only by repelling waves of alien spacecraft, strategically placing automated defensive equipment, and securing the once and for all will you uncover the biggest galactic cover-up mankind has ever faced.

    Contributed by Evilhead (1182) on Dec 11, 2004.
    Def Con 5 places an engaging slant on the popular 1st person shoot-em-up, with a strong strategy element to complement the detailed graphics, immersive gameplay and superb 3D sound. The strategic variable mixes smoothly with the shooting action: allocated tasks to be prioritised in order to defend the base. The aim is to install the defence software burning a hole in your character's pocket and escape. Rarely has a game combined the need for wits, logic and arcade skills to such nail-biting effect.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Oct 06, 2004.

Back Cover - DOS (US box):
    DEFCON 5, a mandate for peace, exactly what the world needs, and what the Weapons Division of the massive Tyron Corporation does not want. Cashing in on fears of an alien invasion, the Tyron Corporation has made a fortune building complex manned defense stations. However, with no credible reports supporting the existence of aliens, the costs are becoming increasingly difficult to justify.

    Tyron Corporation has announced that effective December 31, 2204 all installations will become fully automated. Tyron will terminate all personnel by this date. Elements within the corporation, unhappy with the loss of their jobs, have constructed a plot that will rip the thin veneer of peace and hurl Tyron toward annihilation, DEFCON 1.

    Even peace has its price.

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2316) on Apr 28, 2004.