Die Hard Trilogy Credits


Lead ProgrammerSimon Pick
DH2 ProgrammerSimon Pick
DH2 Game DesignSimon Pick
DH3 ProgrammerSimon Pick
DH3 Game DesignSimon Pick
Lead ArtistDennis Gustafsson
Game DesignDennis Gustafsson
DH1 Game ProgrammingGreg Modern
ArtistsPaul Helman, Ben McGrath
3D World ModellersJames Duncan, Simon Harrison, Dave Kite
DH2 Mapping, Level DesignMatt Nagy
DH2 Original Game DesignMatt Nagy
DH3 Mapping, DH1 Level DesignAlec Prenter
DH3 Mapping, Level DesignJon Gibson
DH2 Mapping, Texture MappingRussell Wark
DH1 MappingOlly Wood
DH3 Game MappingKevin Watts
Texture Mapper, PolyJoinerAndrew Cambridge
Texture Mapper, AttributingPaul Collingwood
Texture MapperVicky Cheale
Music TeamStephen Root, Neil Palmer
Sound EffectsStuart McDonald
FMV TeamGary Noden, Jason MacDonald, Frances Castle, Paul Brierly, Charles Jackson
MoCapRichard Hince, Olly Wood, Neil Maguire
Voice Actor CoordinatorLani Minella
ProducerMichael Arkin
Producer (Probe)Darren Anderson
Executive Producer (Probe)Tony R. Porter
Special Thanks to:Terry Haynes, Greg Michael, Steve Middleton, Guy Mills, Peter Jones, Scott Marcus, Eric Samulski
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
Quality ControlCraig Kerrison, Michael Patrick, Nick McGee, Tom Geddes, Mark Viccary, Benedict O'Reilly, James Brown
Quality Control (FOX)Michael Dunn, Michael Schneider, Seth R. Roth
Quality Control LeadChris Miller
UtilsBob Armour, John Croudy

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Credits for this game were contributed by paul_t (181)