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Die Hard Trilogy Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main Title
Game Selection
DH1 - Title
DH1 - Arrived at the garage
DH1 - McClane has been shot
DH1 - Free the hostages
DH1 - Two hostages killed in action
DH1 - Hostage escaping via the stairs
DH1 - Let's steal one of those fancy bikes
DH1 - A bomb has been triggered
DH1 - Walking through the reception area
DH1 - More terrorists arrive in a nearby elevator
DH2 - Title
DH2 - Everything seems to be in order
DH2 - Who hired this chicken?
DH2 - The red arrow indicates that there is a terrorist to your left
DH2 - Now inside Dulles Airport
DH2 - Your vision gets warped if you are shot
DH3 - Title
DH3 - Driving around the streets of New York
DH3 - A bomb is approaching the cab
DH3 - Watch the bomb explode from the air
DH3 - New York blows up
DH3 - You can change vehicles at any time if you decide you want an upgrade
DH3 - Chasing a bomb car
DH3 - An EMS helps you get through heavy traffic and leads you to the next bomb
DH3 - Driving through Central Park
Name Entry
High Scores