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Consoles Plus (Jan, 2003)
La réalisation est très réussie, et l'aventure est longue et pas facile. Un titre intéressant pour qui aime (et regarde) la série télé. Les plus vieux risquent de s'enfuir en courant. Mais ça tombe bien, ce titre n'est pas fait pour eux !
GameZone (Jul 12, 2002)
At twenty bucks, Digimon 3: Digimon World is a great buy for young gamers. Hardcore gamers (young or old) would be wise to ignore the kiddy image and give the game a shot. If you're skeptical, rent it first.
60 (Dec 02, 2002)
En s'essayant au genre du RPG, Digimon prend le risque de se frotter à des titres beaucoup plus prestigieux sur le même support, et pourrait même se fermer les portes des fans du premier Digimon World qui ne retrouveront pas du tout la même ambiance de jeu. Le soft affiche quelques lacunes et le système de jeu n'est pas très novateur, mais ceux qui feront l'effort de s'investir dans cette aventure en auront pour de nombreuses heures de jeu.
PSX Nation (Jul 02, 2002)
May God, if he/she/it exists, bless each and every Digimon fan with access to a PSOne. Bandai continues to churn out and narrowcast mediocre “Digimon World” sequels to them despite being too small (but faithful) an audience. Undemanding fanatics that relish seeing characters from the TV show’s first three seasons will eat this up. If you want a storyline and three-dimensional characters on your RPG though, this is a safe and wise pass at best and a harmless rental at worst.
GameSpot (Oct 04, 2002)
Even with its budget-minded pricing, Digimon World 3 is at best a poor role-playing game that will appeal only to fans of the greater Digimon franchise. The game does have a few minor positive points--the background graphics are surprisingly easy on the eyes for a PlayStation game, for instance--but they're hardly enough to save a game with such tiresome gameplay. Ultimately, if you're in need of a good RPG for the PlayStation, you'd be better off digging through the bargain bins for one of yesterday's gems than settling for one of the aging system's last stragglers.
Game Vortex (Dec 13, 2002)
It seems more like a jumble of things that everyone wanted to get in the last game than a well planned and executed follow-up to the previous Digimon game. Whoever thought this was a better game than its predecessor is seriously out of touch.