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An exciting, varied and addictive departure from the original. AkibaTechno (254) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Second-Best game I own. Slinker (19) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
A thrilling sequel. Jamie Hall (5) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (29 votes) 4.0

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Original Gamer (Apr 06, 2009)
In summation, Dino Crisis 2 is everything a sequel should be. It is bigger, badder, louder and more fun than the original, while still feeling familiar to series veterans. The action is frantic, the music pumping, and the fun factor is through the roof! I played this game straight through in one session, it isn't a long game, but still I can't think of many games that can hold your attention at all times. This is one of them.
IGN (Sep 25, 2000)
In the end, the game works phenomenally well on many levels, and re-directs the once-confused Dino Crisis series into the perfect direction. The classic "cinematic" Resident Evil-style camera angles are here and they work well almost all of the time, but more generous, perhaps higher-placed cameras would help in locales where major fights take place. Higher placed angles would enable players to see themselves in a fight better, so they know where they are standing -- and shooting -- instead of punishing gamers for no good reason so that they waste all of their ammo shooting the wrong way.
PSX Extreme (Sep 24, 2000)
When I first popped Dino Crisis 2 in my Playstation, I was instantly hooked on DC2 for about five hours. The new improvements made to the genre are so wonderful that they make the game seem addictive in a very strange way. The graphics are remarkable, the gameplay is the best in any survival horror game, the voice acting is un-rivaled and so is the CG intro. Dino Crisis 2 is one exciting adventure from start to finish and has just been nominated as "Action/adventure game of the year" for the PSX Extreme Awards 2000. Make sure to have DC2 in your gaming library if you don't already.
GameSpot (Sep 22, 2000)
The Dino Crisis series has emerged from its developmental cocoon and has undergone a great metamorphosis - from droll Resident Evil clone to a brand-new type of game. Dino Crisis 2 is an original, enjoyable experience that can no longer be considered just another entry into the survival-horror genre. Dino Crisis 2 avoids the stereotypes of the genre and delivers one of the most refreshing takes on the third-person action shooter to date.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 29, 2002)
The graphics are Resident Evil-quality, which is to say, excellent. A ridiculous storyline nearly spoils the game, but the frantic action makes that easy to overlook. Once I began playing Dino Crisis 2, it was difficult to stop! This is one of the most exciting adventures you'll have on your Playstation.
90 (UK) (Nov 23, 2000)
Dino Crisis 2 offers a release from the confines of a genre growing stale with age. At times its visuals should be called into question, but on the whole it's a sparkle in the PlayStation's disappearing tail. No doubt it will sell a lot of PSOne's over the Christmas period, too.
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
Wahnnsinn- du fängst Dino Crisis 2 an und kannst erst dann aufhören, wenn auch das letzte Riesenvieh nach knapp sieben Stunden in die ewigen Jagdgründe geschickt wurde! Das ganze Survival-Horror-Erlebnis wurde diesmal mit dem neuen, action-lastigen Gameplay garniert, dass sämtliche Resident Evils auf der PlayStation dagegen gnadenlos verblassen. Die Story ist unheimlich dicht, der Wechsel der Charaktere glaubhaft inszeniert, die auflockernden Mini-Games zahlreich und die Gier nach mehr und mehr Extinction-Punkten für bessere Waffen und Items geradezu unerschöpflich. Da ihr diesmal auch im Lauf ballern und geschickt ausweichen könnt, macht die Jagd auf die gepanzerten Echsen gleich noch mehr Spaß. Dazu kommen aufwändig inszenierte Render-FMVs und auf der PS an Atmosphäre kaum mehr zu überbietende gerenderte Hintergründe in allen Farben.
88 (Oct 10, 2000)
Schöne Grafik, Schockeffekte und Action pur. Eigentlich genau das, was das treue Spielerherz zum Pochen bringt. Da fällt auch nicht ins Gewicht, dass das Spiel nach ca. 10 Stunden zu Ende ist. Aber seien wir doch mal ehrlich, lieber ein richtig guter Kracher, der einen bis zum Ende bei der Stange hält, als irgendein Obergähner, den man nach 5 Stunden ins Archiv stellt.
Quebec Gamers (Mar 11, 2013)
Même si je ne peux m'empêcher de croire que Dino Crisis 2 a été sorti un peu rapidement question de profiter du succès de la PlayStation avant sa fin de vie, il n'en demeure pas moins que c'est un des meilleurs et plus beaux jeux d'action que j'ai joué sur cette console! Il me rappelle beaucoup la direction qu'a prise la série Parasite Eve avec le second jeu. C'est un jeu qui n'est pas frustrant et qui se contente d'offrir ce qu'il voulait offrir, buter des gros dinos avec plein de guns différents!
Gamer's Pulse (Dec 12, 2000)
In conclusion, fans of the Resident Evil or Dino Crisis style of gameplay will love this title. This title has been approached from a developer’s standpoint to provide in depth and excellent gameplay in the continuing story of Regina and the Third Energy.
Mega Fun (Nov, 2000)
Action und kein Ende. Dino Crisis lässt selbst reine Action-Titel wie One oder Apocalypse alt aussehen. Was hier aufgefahren wird, um den Spieler in die gefährliche Welt der prähistorischen Echsen eintauchen zu lassen, ist schon fast unglaublich. Shinji Mikami und seine Jungs zeigen noch einmal eindrucksvoll, wozu die gute alte PSone in der Lage ist. Das Gameplay gestaltet sich, besonders durch die Mini-Games, abwechslungsreich und lässt in einen regelrechten Blutrausch verfallen. Aber wo so viel Licht ist, muss Schatten sein: Rätselfreunde sollten den Titel auf jeden Fall ausführlich Probe spielen, denn die eingestreuten Aufgaben sind allesamt recht simpel. Ein weiterer Kritikpunkt ist der geringe Umfang des Spiels. Joypad-Profis haben nach sechs Stunden alles gesehen. Wenn ihr mit diesen Mängeln leben könnt, steht euch ein Action-Kracher allererster Güte ins Haus.
games xtreme (Nov 30, 2000)
Dino Crisis II is a particularly well-rounded action game with a frantic pace, tons of shooting, maiming and killing as well as 'jump-out-of-your-skin' moments and a winding storyline. The cumbersome controls can get annoying as a need for accurate aiming is the real key to survival, but on the whole the game is a very entertaining jaunt down Jurassic Park lane. Don't think for one second this at all like Resident Evil and if action is your genre then you are in for a treat. This sequel brings what a good sequel should; a few new characters, a few new moves, more guns, different levels and small tweaks to the gameplay. The game and its dinosaurs still remain relentless as ever though.
Other than having dinosaurs as the main theme Dino Crisis 2 is very different from it's predecessor. DC2 is much more action oriented and has a distinct arcade feel to it. Personally I found the gameplay engaging and completely enjoyable but for those of you that were diehard Dino Crisis fans, don't expect the same type of game here. Anyway, it's definitely a title to check out, a real thrill ride from start to finish.
While Dino Crisis 2 is noticeably better than last year's inaugural title, tasks such as running around looking for keys can be tedious. And some of the action portions of the game can get repetitive, too. But overall, Dino Crisis 2 is a fantastic sequel that delivers more adrenaline-pumping action, beautiful scenery and a hearty dose of terror. The game is truly one of those titles to play alone, with the lights turned off and with the volume cranked up. Just be sure to keep your hands from shaking long enough to finish the game.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 2000)
Dino Crisis 2 is veel te kort om een volwaardig spel genoemd te worden. De gameplay is sterk en bloed en ingewanden zijn er in overvloed maar in één middag is het wel bekeken.
75 (Dec 12, 2000)
Dino Crisis 2 pourra donc surprendre, voire même décevoir les fans du premier opus par son aspect un peu bourrin et son extrême répétitivité. Néanmoins, on ne peut qu'applaudir la qualité de la réalisation, avec des cinématiques très bien mises en scène, des graphismes superbes, une animation des créatures époustouflante et une ambiance sonore oppressante. Mais tous ceux qui reprochaient au premier Dino Crisis sa trop grande difficulté et son manque d'action seront cette fois satisfaits par ce soft très agréable à jouer mais peut-être un peu court.
Game Revolution (Oct, 2000)
Dino Crisis 2 is a nice surprise and a general improvement over an original which left a great deal to improve upon. The additions to combat, varieties of gameplay, and throngs of enemies who are serious about doing you harm make this infinitely more playable than most of the self-styled "survival horror" games.
Im Vergleich zum ersten Teil bietet die Fortsetzung deutlich mehr Action und weniger Rätsel. Kämpfe gegen blutrünstige Dinos überwiegen. Das ist auf Dauer etwas ermüdend, denn die Echsen verhalten sich nicht sonderlich intelligent, sondern setzen immer die gleichen Angriffstechniken ein. Trotzdem eine interessante Geschichte, die bis zum Ende spannend bleibt. Denn es gibt durchaus einige unvorhersehbare Zwischenfälle. Und das Auge spielt mit. Die Saurier bewegen sich überzeugend realitätsnah durch eindrucksvoll verwilderte Dschungellandschaften. Auch in der Forschungseinrichtung sorgen zahlreiche grafische Details für eine authentisch wirkende Kulisse. Testurteil:„gut“.
Dino Crisis 2 is a dream for people who want to hunt the most exotic animals that ever walked the planet, but it often feels like nothing more than a pretty shooting gallery. The innovative mini-games, the fluid control and the fast pace are all touches of brilliance that tantalize with the promise of so much more and make the less inspired portions of the game all the more average. In some areas, the creatures will continue to respawn so that you can literally stand in one spot and mow down reptile after reptile until you have no more ammunition, leaving you feeling like you are having little impact. At the end of the day, however, the sound of a T-Rex’s footsteps can still bring a clutch to your throat and cause you to wonder if you have anything in your arsenal that will make a dent in its scaly hide. DC2 shows flashes of the instincts and well-honed skills of a raptor, but like a meandering triceratops, is too bogged down in repetitive behavior to be truly outstanding.
Gamekult (Oct 11, 2000)
Dino Crisis 2 est un grand coup de fraîcheur. Au revoir énigmes et labyrinthes, bonjour action survitaminée ! Outre les parties orientées désormais vers l'action, on trouve dans cette suite une ribambelle de nouveautés (telle le système de comptage de points, la coopération entre Régine et Dylan etc.). Dès lors, on ne voit pas le temps passé, et on oublie vite que Dino Crisis 2 s'inspire grandement de Resident Evil. On est même tenté de le trouver beau, c'est pour dire !
PSM (Nov, 2000)
To be honest, there's no real point in owning the game. Just rent it for a night and save all the extra money. It's just too bad, really. With more development time and a few more extras, this game could have competed with the best Resident Evil. As is, it's a shallow experience that leaves you wanting a whole lot more.