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atari breakout
Written by  :  Kayburt (15827)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2021
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The Opposite of Spotless

The Good

Anything good in this game is as good as gone. There's super easy difficulty in this game on the bright side. The game also does a decent job of following the movie if you liked it. That is just about as good as the game is ever going to get.

The Bad

The game is essentially a heavily copied and then modified version 102: Dalmatians being turned from 3D to 2.5D. Even the music has been copied from it. With so many barriers and limited paths in every level, there's absolutely no freedom to move around, it's like being trapped in a dog pound. The awkward camera angles and panning add to the bothersome level restrictions. Even the oversized HUD robs you of having the view of the level to yourself.

The gameplay never gets good. All you do is collect items and rescue the previously rescued puppies as well as beat enemies that don't even remotely pose a threat to Patch. There's no puzzles or quests of interest. The downgraded jump mechanics make Patch seriously weak compared to Oddball and Domino. And your efforts for winning levels do not include minigames, stickers or any rewards.

The presentation aims not to impress. You are looking at low quality shots from the movie pasted into the game like a scrapbook. It's not encouraging that Patch tells the story in first-person then breaks the fourth wall. Every level looks bland and with grout textured floors and walls. Finishing a level ends with "Well Done Patch" on a newspaper; that's not newsworthy. And enjoy the lack of voice acting.

The Bottom Line

There is totally no effort put into the game. Nobody asked for this adaptation as its excuse to be made was a blatant cash grab on the Dalmatians franchise. No decent Dalmatians game has been made since 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue This game might have been able to make its mark in the mid 90s, but here you've got a late after-millennium game based on an equally bad movie. Waste of effort, waste of time. Patch has essentially failed his audition for "The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour". Enough said.

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