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Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (UK):
    Alladin is about to face his biggest adventure yet. He's got to dart through the marketplace of Agrabah; break his way through the Palace; escape imprisonment in the dungeon; journey through an oasis; survive the fiery Cave of Wonders; rescue Jasmine from booby traps in the Pyramids; save the Sultan from the grasp of evil in the Ancient City; and battle Nasira in her secret lair. And Jafar is never far away...

    Hold on to your fez, it's going to be a wild adventure!

  • Play as Aladdin, Jasmine or even Abu the monkey; each character has their own specific abilities and skills.
  • Starring all your favorite characters from Disney's "Alladin", including the Genie and the mischievous Magic Carpet.
  • Battle fire-breathing enemies, sword-throwers and spitting camels in a high-speed race across the majestic city of Agrabah.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Sep 07, 2005.
    Explore a free-roaming 3D world of exciting adventure in Nasira's Revenge.

    You play Aladdin whose home city of Agrabah is under threat from the evil Jafar and his sister, Nasira. Nasira, a sorceress, is attempting to bring Jafar back from the Netherworld, but she needs to lay her hands on a set of rare artefacts to do so.

    In your quest to stop her creating her evil talisman, you will visit many wondrous locations, confront all types of enemies and obstacles, and solve some very challenging puzzles. With up to 40 hours of absorbing Aladdin action, this game really brings the Disney characters to sparkling, 3D life.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 08, 2004.