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Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Credits

Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Credits: Part I - Ubi Soft Game Development Team

Project ManagerJustin Yingming Weng
Project Manager AssistantWeixin Lu, Liu Xiao Jun
Editor in‑ChiefSerge Hascoët
Lead Game DesignYuan Pei Sheng
Lead ProgrammingJun Wu
Lead InfodesignJun Wu
Lead AnimatorLi Wei
Art ConceptionJean-François Malouin
Lead GraphicLu Zhi Gang
Lead SoundDigimonk Yang Jie
StorylinePhilippe Debay
DialoguesPhilippe Debay
Game Design - Original Game DesignPatrice Désilets
Game DesignersSun Wei, Juan Du, Yu Hai Peng, Wang Peng, Yan Zhao Xiang, Xiong Jie, Wu Yi Dong
Graphic ModelingYi Huang, Gu Qiang, Wu Ming Jie, Yang Bo, Fang Hong Jun, Yao Wei Jun, Wang Zheng, Chen Qing, Yao Chao Yang, Zhu Liang, Chu Yang, Zhou Ye, Lu Li Na
TexturesZhao Ya Na, Fudong Yang
AnimationDing Wei, Shi Li Wen, Ping Wu, Zhiqing Huang, Shen Hui
Special EffectsJia'an Shou, Shi Li Wen
Programming EngineZhang Jiao, Li Qiu, Qiu Wei Min, Hai Chen, Li Qiang
Info Design Main Character and CameraCheng Yi
Other CharactersCao Hai Ying, Chen Ping, Qu Wen Hao, Zhou Jing
Data ManagerLiu Jia Tao, Frank Servettaz
Sound ‑ Sound DesignersDigimonk Yang Jie, Bao Qing Ming, Yuanjun Ou
Localisation Translation ManagerChadi Lebbos, Ryan Valade
Tests ‑ Chief TesterZhengrong Zhu
TestersLu Qiong, Zheng Lei, Zhu Ming, Pan Chen, Zhang Shen, Shen Jun, Chen Liyu, Zhang Wei, Chen Bing, Xu Ming, Sheng Hui, Li Junwei, Li Xiyun, Bao Zhen, Fu Xiang, Ma Cong, Sun Wei, Lu Zhi Cheng
PlanningNing Xiao Qian
Quality AssuranceMichaël Guez
Marketing - EMEA Marketing TeamLaura Gelis, Emilie Pujol, Lionel Roudil
US Marketing TeamWillie Wareham, David Bamberger, Mona Hamilton
Marketing Project ManagerCaroline Martin, Stéphane Cardin

Part II - Ubi Soft Management

ProducerAlain Tascan
Project LeaderBenoit Galarneau
China ‑ Managing DirectorCorinne Le Roy
China - Software Studio ManagerOlivier Chappe
China - Design Studio ManagerSylvain Cornillon
China - Graphic Studio ManagerJean-Michel Tari
China ‑ Animation ManagerJacques Dussault
China - Sound Design Studio ManagerAdrian Jones
China - Data Management Studio ManagerGuénaëlle Mendroux, Jin Zong
China - Test Studio ManagerHailei Bai
China - Planning Studio ManagerHaiwen Lan
World QA ManagerSerge Hascoët, Christine Chosson, Guénaëlle Mendroux, Jean-Marc Geffroy, Michaël Guez
World Production ManagerChristine Burgess-Quémard
Ubi Soft - President - General DirectorYves Guillemot

Part III - Ubi Soft Cinematics

DirectorValérie Pouyanne
Production SupervisorMarianne Souliez
Production ManagersÉric Pépin, Sophie Penziki
StoryboardJamie Helman
3D Layout SupervisorMathieu Breda
Layout MenAvlamy Ramassamy, Corinne Bouvier
Detection/CheckingAurora Manthe, Etienne Goueslain
Character Modeling Technical DirectorEmilio Ghorayeb
SupervisorMarc Bouchard
ModelersOlivier Fournier, Pascal Beaulieu, Mélanie Caron, Jean-Pierre Barrette
Animation - Animation SupervisorJamie Helman
AnimatorsAntonin Plante, François Côté, Allan Treitz, Jean-Thierry Roy, Christian Dion, Bryan Théberge, Valérie Pouyanne, Emilio Ghorayeb
Backgrounds and Props SupervisorGeneviève Dufour
Backgrounds and Props Artistic DirectorGeneviève Dufour
Modeling and MappingChristian Lemire, Mario Brousseau, Isabelle Gagnon, Sébastien Laporte, Yannick Jacques, Éric Poulin, David Giraud
2D Color ReferenceDaniel Perron
Lighting and Rendering SupervisorMichael Yeomans
Lighting and Rendering Artistic DirectorMichael Yeomans
RenderingEdouard Kachaami, Dany Bergeron, Isabelle Gagnon, Karim Rouissi
SFX SupervisorsCatherine Nolin, François Gendron
SFXJean-Thierry Roy, Dany Bergeron, Allan Treitz, Christian Dion

Part IV - Ubi Soft Music and Sound

ProducerDidier Lord
Delegated ProducerNoémie Dupuy
Production CoordinatorJérémi Valiquette
Production AssistantFrédérique Carbou
Ubi Music PublishingJulie Lachance
Artistic DirectorJean Massicotte
Music Composed and Performed byShawn K. Clément
Sound EngineerSimon Charles Pressey
Engineer AssistantOlivier Germain
FoleyJosué Beaucage
SFX Production ManagerJosué Beaucage
Foley ArtistChris Piggings
Sound Post‑Production ManagerNicholas Grimwood
Video and Voice Production ManagerMarie-Élène Grégoire
Video EditorFrançois Roussel
Music and Cinematics mixed atUbi Music Studio - Montreal

Part V - Disney Interactive

Director Production ConsolesDan Winters
ProducerLuigi Priore
Associate ProducerWilliam Beaman ('Chip')
Character Art DirectionJohn Loter
Senior Manager MarketingSue Fuller
Additional ArtJason Chayes, Tom Barlow
Assistant Manager Marketing ServicesNina Harju
Localization Manager EuropeCatherine Duperron
Production Supervisor LocalizationKate Farmer
Associate Producer LocalizationTicket Carson
With the Voice Talents ofTony Anselmo, Corey Burton, June Foray, Tress MacNeille, Russell Taylor, Frank Welker
Disney Character VoicesRick Dempsey, Susie Lum, Beth Glenday, Randy Coppinger, Vicki Rondou, Ned Lott, Diane Passarelli
Special Thanks toNathalie Paccard, Mo Zhen Guang, Lu Qing, Wang Kai, Zheng Hai Yan, Jie Gu, Lu Li Na, Zhao Yun Chu, Bai Yu Bing, Fu Xiao, Qian Jie, Lu Ting, Xu Huan, Jean-Christophe Guyot, Gilles Langourieux, Abdelhak Elguess, Cécile Russeil, Emmanuelle Dugne, Fouad Janiani, Frederick Brassard, Jason Arsenault, Lidwine Vernet, Martin Dufour, Moulay Driss Echchad, Philippe Jacques, Christina Vann, Renée Johnson, Patrick Larkin, Tamira Webster
Dedicated to the memory ofCarl Barks (1901-2000)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65803)