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Disney's Hercules Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
First stage
Game start
Hercules hitting the training targets.
Hercules collecting coins.
Hercules killing the birds.
Hercules breaking a column with his fists.
Lightning bolt power
Hercules using the poles to reach higher platforms.
Level statistics
Hercules running and avoiding obstacles.
Sandals speed power
Hercules killing a bandit.
Hercules fighting a large centaur.
Hercules slaying a black monster
Centaurs throwing boulders at Hercules.
Hercules riding the centaur boss.
Meeting Meg.
Hercules and Philoctetes
Hercules crossing the street.
Hercules fighting the Minotaur.
Hercules destroying skeletons.
Citizens fleeing from the Cyclops.
Hercules flying with Pegasus.
Mid-level harpy boss
Circle of fire
Freeing Zeus.