Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout Ad Blurbs (PlayStation)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case (UK):

    Sangoku, Super Vegeta, Trunks...

    The most powerful warriors
    are back in a game with
    3 3D modes!

    Depending on your fighting style, you can
    improve your character battle skills!

    Up to 8 players can play together.

    A final fight with unexpected warriors!
    A stunning battle mode!

    Contributed by UkCollector (2480) on Aug 31, 2010.


    Scrap-happy cartoon characters starring in their own manga-style beat 'em up? It can only be the return of mad Japanese animated adventure Dragon Ball Z to the PS one!


    For those who are familiar with the anime-action, this will be a welcome addition to the fold. With its fast-paced frenetic fighting style, and all the familiar faces from the TV show, Final Bout is a must for Dragon Ball fans. You can choose to play as one of ten of the show's characters, and unlock seven extra special characters as you progress. Take part in four different modes, such as The Taisen (Battle), and Tenkaichi Budoukai (no holds barred) modes, to test your skills and combat techniques. There are several handy special moves to get to grips with too, including the Meteo Smash, a series of built in, continuous attacks, and the Combo Breaker move, a nifty counterstrike that'll scupper your opponent's attack.

    With an ever-changing storyline, and a variety of endings, Final Bout promises to be a fast and furious fight to the finish, again and again!


    • Play as one of 10 normal characters or one of 7 special hidden characters

    • Master a variety of combos, inlcuding the Meteo Smash

    • Four different modes to sample

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Apr 10, 2005.