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Dragon Warrior VII Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
The intro is one of the very few FMVs in this very long game
The starting town on the only island the world initially consists of. You can rotate the camera to the sides
As always, thinly-veiled Christianity is there to cure us and save us!
Exploring a cave with pots and barrels. You can pick them up and break them
World map travel, outside of a quiet city - note I can also travel with this ship!
Zoomed-out map for reference. The world has become much bigger by now - maybe because it's actually the past?..
You can zoom out to have a better view of towns. Nice red roofs, don't you think?..
Getting an isometric view here with camera rotation. One of the many, many indoor locations in this game
Fighting fearsome-looking enemies with cool shields in a forest clearing. Melvin here throws rocks at them!
Riding a magic carpet in what appears to be a Greek Orthodox church! How cool is that? Both of them, I mean
Yeah, that happened to me a few times. Such comments appear when you inspect things the game doesn't expect you to inspect
Desert battle against... books! What are they going to do - bore me to death?.. You can make Plans, i.e. set your companions on AI routines or control them manually
Cool images and architecture in this temple - the heart of the game, from where I travel through time
Another stone tablet found - let's restore this world properly!..
Battle outside, near mountains. Mid-level monsters. See my special physical skills!..
A secluded house with some workers and a cave entrance. I need to book another vacation
Exploring some mines and reading plaques. Fascinating
A beautiful town with a fountain and a statue on the main square
This is one of the very few sci-fi elements in a Dragon Quest game! Check it out - a robotic maid!..
No Dragon Quest game is complete without castles and kings
You can try talking to enemies, and your companions will offer some comments. Those guys don't seem to be impressed, though
One of the several locations that looks like Orthodox churches - this here is actually the famous palace of the Medal King, present in several other Dragon Quest games
One of the rare non-European-style locations in a Dragon Quest game. Desert, sandstorm, and an ankh on the door - yeah, I think I know which culture it is
Gabo casts an Explode spell - those impressive-looking guys don't stand a chance!..
New means of transportation - a flying space pod (or at least it looks like one)! You see some typical features: a temple, poison fields, cave entrance, and a large ship to the north
Ship journey! Can I shoot from those cannons? Please?..
Poison fields encounter with some angry-looking birdies... or whatever they are
A gorgeous dungeon with statues. What awaits me here?..
The famed Sky Castle! Love the view. Seriously, how much is the rent?
Eventually you'll be able to switch classes, and your characters will have entire careers! You can view one of them here
Battle against little somewhat-cute guys in a cave. Melvin here initiates Vacuum. I hope it's as damaging as it sounds
A rather plain-looking dungeon with stairs here and there
Enemy attack in progress - there are small animations. Note the different background graphics for different caves
Exploring a tower dungeon
Casting Zap on monsters in a tower - the scene even zooms out a bit for a better effect
One of the few places where 3D is actually used to convey the feeling of an extra dimension. This is the entrance to a volcano dungeon
Relaxing on a tropical beach, watching my attributes... those years of hard work have certainly paid off
A mysterious temple dungeon. casting Thordain on enemies