Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes Credits (PlayStation)

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Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes Credits

n-Space, Inc.

Lead ProgrammersJohn M. Meyers, Sean Purcell
ProgrammersL. A. Brown, Paul Kelly, Neal Milligan
Additional ProgrammingChris Cammack, Keith Spencer
Art DirectorAndy Paciga
World Building and Lead Level DesignerJody Hicks
Character Models and DesignsDirk A. Jones
Project Game DesignThe LOTB Team
Models, World Building, Character Designs, and StoryboardsRik Levins
Models, Lighting, and World BuildingTroy Jacobson
Texture ModelPina Rosana Porceddu
Additional Character DesignJohn P. Nadeau
Real‑Time CinematicsDJ Cassel
Supervising CG ArtistW. Randy King
Pre‑Rendered CinematicsScott Cook, Christopher Hayes, Josh Oakes
Sound Design & CompositionGene M. Rozenberg
Additional Sound DesignTodd Morse
Lead TesterJessica Hicks
Additional TestingThomas J. Sears
Voice Production, Casting, and DirectionLani Minella
Voice TalentJon St. John, Lani Minella
Last Second ManualScott Berfield
Pre‑Production and DesignDan O'Leary
ProducerPhilip B. Gelber
Executive ProducerLarry Pacey
PresidentErick S. Dyke
Thanks to:Original TTK Team for the well documented code, Dante Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Nitro for the 1:00 AM music, Cheers I‑Drive, Our families and friends who put up with the long hours!, Michael Bacon, The Rugrats Team, The rest of the n-Space crew, Jimmy, Craig Derrick, Shaba, Clyde Grossman, Bob and Stew, Domo, Lee Adams, Everyone at GT, Everyone at Infogrames, Red Bull, Error 255 AKA Damn You Leon, Amy Williams, Joel Carrol, Frederic Meraud, Gary Meyers, Pina Rosana Porceddu, Wayne Ackley, www.n‑space.com, Takeout Express, Thanks for their patience: Amy, Carrie, Claudia, Hang, Lisa, Michelle, Sandi and Shannon, All Earth-babes past, present and future
Extra Special ThanksThe entire 3D Realms team, Dante Anderson, David Nottingham
Special Special Thanks toRich Robinson

3D Realms Entertainment

Design changes / testingGeorge Broussard, Keith Schuler
Duke Voice ProductionLee Jackson
BizScott Miller


ProducerJoel Breton
Associate ProducerTim Hesse
Product ManagerMartin Currie
Director of Product DevelopmentRich Robinson
Director of Marketing Anthony Kee
Public RelationsLance Seymour, Dan Harnett
Director, Test / Quality AssuranceSteve Knopf
Test LeadJames Dunn
Associate Test LeadJeff Oviatt
TestersScott Donaldson, Christopher Dunn, Joshua Galloway, Yume Gregersen, Aaron Harris, Adam Harris, Randy Jones, Jon Marquette, Brandon Montrone, Doug Price, Chris Plep, Kingsley C. Sur, Christopher D. Reimer
Director of SalesHeh-Kyu Sincock
Director of Creative ServicesVic Merritt
Art / Trafficking ManagerLiz Fierro
Senior Graphic DesignerMichael Marrs
LocalizationMark Carter
Manager of Strategic RelationsHeidi Wallman
Archive SpecialistPatrick Struhs
Documentation Manager Peter Witcher
Special ThanksNick Hoersten, Mary Gerardi, John Patrick Gerardi, Neil Haldar, The babes at Rachel's, Nippy Whippleson, Gregiour the Gargantuous, Braeden Breton, Kathryn Butters, Lisalicious Keating, DJ Rocketboy, The babes of Mons Venus, Robin Levy, Suzanne Barbedo, Jeremy Lucas, The babes of Cabaret, The Highwater Group, All earth-babes past, present and future
Extra Special ThanksDante Anderson, David Nottingham
Opening Theme Song: "Push It"Performed by Static‑X, From the album 'Wisconsin Death Trip', Written by Static‑X

Take 2 Europe

Associate ProducerNick Sneddon
Assistant Product ManagerGary Sims
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production Co‑ordinatorChris Madgwick
UK and International Marketing ManagerSarah Seaby
International PR ManagerAmy Curtin
PR ExecutiveMark Allen

Tarantula Studios

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TestersPaul Byers, Timothy Bates, Kevin Hobson
TestersCharlie Kinloch, Andrew Mason, Denby Grace, Julian Turner, Chris Brown, Lee Johnson, Matthew Hewitt, James Cree, William Curton, Robert Dunkin, Philip Alexander
Campaign Art Direction and DesignA Creative Experience - London

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