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Evil Zone Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Introduction movie
Midori and Setsuna
Main menu
Character selection screen
Keiya Tenpouin
Erel Plowse
Linedwell Rainrix
G. "Vanish" Gregman
Erel teasing Danzaiver.
Danzaiver answering Erel.
Erel vs. Danzaiver
Knock down
Midori vs. Linedwell
Linedwell throwing Midori.
Midori throwing Linedwell.
Midori special attack
Midori clones
Gally vs. Alty
Versus mode
Keiya vs. Setsuna
Keiya kicking Setsuna.
Erel throwing down Linedwell.
Erel shield
Erel defeated.
Linedwell vs. Gally
Kakurine vs. Alty
Alty jumping out of Kakurine's reach.
Practice mode
Double Setsuna
Setsuna charging her sword.
Setsuna throwing the opponent back with a sword hit.
Setsuna sword throw
Midori close attack
Poor Setsuna, she is being eaten by the Keiya's lizard
Kakurine uses voodoo doll attack to make Alty fly away