Fade to Black Credits

Delphine Software International

Directed by Paul Cuisset
Created And Designed by Paul Cuisset
Level DesignPaul Cuisset, Thierry Perreau
Project Manager Philippe Chastel
Art DirectorThierry Perreau
2d Graphic ArtistsStéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Grégory Béal, Eric Caron, Serge Fiedos, Jerome France, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek, Béatrice Laurent, Cécile Thomas, Paul Tumelaire
3d Object ModelingStéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Serge Fiedos, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek
3d Cinematic SequencesThierry Bansront, Serge Fiedos, Yan Le Gall, Thierry Levastre, Frédéric Loubiere, Frédéric Michel
3d Animation TrackingJerome France, Florian Guzek, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Michel, Thierry Perreau, Paul Tumelaire
Actors And StuntmenGrégory Béal, Anne Fossa, Jerome France, Denis Mercier, Paul Tumelaire
Graphic DesignEric Caron, Jerome France, Paul Tumelaire
Story BoardEric Caron
Music Composed by Raphaël Gesqua
Sound EffectsRaphaël Gesqua
ProgrammersPhilippe Chastel, Sébastien Clément, Guillaume Genty, Claude Levastre, Alain Ramond, Alain Tinarrage, Benoît Verillaud
Additional ProgrammingPatrick Bricout, Arnaud Carré, Fabrice Rodet
Fade To Black Playstation Project MagagerThierry Gaerthner
Fade To Black Playstation Programming Nicolas Perret, David Rochedieu
Additional Fade To Black Playstation ProgrammingBenoist Aron, Patrick Bricout, Guillaume Genty, Fabrice Rodet
DialogistJean-Luc Dumon
Voices effects mixed at L'Ours-Son Studio - ParisCharles Schlumberger

Electronic Arts Staff

Executive ProducerRandall Breen
Technical ProducerStephen Murray
Production TechniciansJeff Chang, Nathan Cummins, Paul Niehaus, Steven Nix, Serguei Savtchenko
Public RelationsFiona Murphy
Product ManagerAlbert Penello
ManualJason Armatta
Manual LayoutCorinne Mah
Quality AssuranceChris Baena, Rosalie Vivanco
Package Design13th Floor
Special ThanksHenri-Paul Cartalat, Lori Christensen, Philippe Delamarre, Anne-Marie Joassim, Lisa Higgins, Marc Minier, Bianca Normann, Frédérick Raynal, Patrick Sigwalt, Philippe Tarbouriech, Matt Wolf

Testing Support and Localization

Language Test CoordinatorMatt Eyre
Language Testing Michael Gievers, Ricardo Martinez Cantero, CTO of Italy
Translations SupervisorKirsten Vaughan
TranslationsDidier Jumeau
Translations TestersKai Leibert, Lemuel Haham
QA Testers ‑ FranceChristophe Brusseaux, Patricia Cuisset, Romain Huet, Sébastien Le Charpentier, Vincent Merienne, Frédéric Pierrat

Voice Talent

Voice of Computer, Sarah SmithKristina Holland
Voice of Professor Bergstein, Conrad HartJarion Monroe
Voice of John O'ConnerRoger Labon Jackson
Voice of Morphs, Super Morphs, Ageer, OracleRobert Feero
Voice of Hank, Rebels, CookBill O'Neil
French and German versions recorded at Knocking Boots Productions Studios - Paris
Sound Engineers Dimitri Bodiansky, Etienne Pauzzo

French Voices

Voice of SarahFrançoise Cadol
Voice of John O'Conner and MorphsBruno Dubernat
Voice of Hanks and RebelsPhilippe Dumond
Voice of Professor and OracleJean-Louis Fauré
Voice of ConradBernard Lanneau
Voice of ComputerDéborah Perret

German Voices

Voice of ComputerPaula Klein
Voice of Conrad and MorphsRichard Sammel
Voice of Hank and MorphsHans-Jörg Schnass
Voice of Professor, Oracle and MorphsFlorian Schneider
Voice of John O'Conner and MorphsPeter Semmler
Voice of SarahDoris Streibl

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Credits for this game were contributed by smurray (97), Stillman (7619) and Jeanne (76516)