The Fantastic Four Credits

Developed by Probe Entertainment Ltd.

ProducerRobert O'Farrell
Executive ProducerTony Beckwith
Studio ManagerFergus McGovern
Lead ProgrammerBalor Knight
Programming / Front EndStefan Hopper
Game DesignerNick Baynes
Lead ArtistSteve Middleton
ArtistsPaul Phippen, Matt Tracey
Level / Scenario DesignNick McGee, Mike Patrick, Kevin Row
ModellingJames Duncan, Simon Harrison
AnimatorsSam Allen, Graham Garden
Music TeamStephen Root, Neil Palmer
FMV TeamGary Noden, Jason McDonald, Frances Castle, Phil Williams
DH1 MappingOlly Wood
MocapRichard Hince, Olly Wood, Neil Maguire
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
QA TeamCraig Kerrison, Michael Patrick, Mitchell Slater
UtilitiesBob Armour, John Croudy

Published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.

ProducerMichael Archer
Product ManagerJohn Olshan
Assistant Product ManagerThomas Bass
TSG TechniciansDavid Pollack, Leigh Busch, Ulises Batalla
QA Lead AnalystMike Patterson
QA Project LeadsAdam Rosen, Joseph Howell, Jason Vandehey
QA TestersDavid Wolowitz, James Ackermann, Joe Maiello, Bonchi Martinez, Anthony Scaduto, Joe Greene, Chad Green, Andy Basile

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