Written by  :  James Kirk (168)
Written on  :  Jun 26, 2004

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The Good

First, the music is kindy catchy (although on my system, it sometimes skips, I think it's because of the disk though). Second, most of the scenery is pretty good and adds a bit of class to the game. Also, the controls are ok.

The Bad

Ok, where to start. First, the enemies are extremely repetitive. You'll fight the same two types of guys level after level. Next, the "special moves" are very repetitive. All the characters have a special move that hurts all enemies on the screen (different animation of course. The human torch will let a cascade of flame down everywhere and the Thing will do some kind of uber-ground pound) and another one that deals alot of damage to everyone nearby etc. Also, the characters all seem about the same. Although the manual says that some are stronger or faster, I never really noticed except for the difference in speed. Finally, if all this uniformity wasn't enough, there are only a few different normal attacks you can do. (I counted 4 per character). Next, boss battles are all pretty much the same. Either you just keep going and attacking him, or you block, and then attack, block, than attack. Not alot of variety. Finally, the game is pretty short (only about 5 levels.) and doesn't allow you to save (this is one of those games where you have to play the whole thing if you turn it off.

The Bottom Line

I'd reccomend that you rent this or maybe borrow it if you're a hardcore marvel fan. if not, then it's not worth it.