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atari breakout

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (25 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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GameZone (Mar 20, 2001)
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is spell-binding, addictive, visually delightful and a lot of fun to play. It can also be frustrating when you forget to save at almost every opportunity and end up repeating sequences to get back to where you were before.
Gamezilla (Mar 28, 2001)
The bottom line is that this could very well be one of the last really good games put out on the original PlayStation. It is an excellent game and well worth the money. Strong gameplay combined with inviting characters make this a “Must Buy” for the mature gamer.
Defunct Games (Oct 27, 2017)
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is a better game than the original. It improved the first game's best aspects and smoothed out several of the flaws. The ads may have marketed the game as just girl-on-girl porn, but it's actually one of the best examples of "interactive anime" anywhere. Check it out!
Consoles Plus (Apr, 2001)
Ce Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix est du même acabit que le premier épisode : énigmes nombreuses et pas mal d'action. Un très bon scénario.
What sets Retro Helix apart from other titles is its unabashed stance on tough issues; what could have been universally childish instead comes off like a sleek, sexually charged thriller worthy of every word of praise you can lay about its unique storyline. While the cutscenes carry much of this load, the beautifully rendered environments and unique gameplay variations on the classic survival horror format contribute to the incredibly addictive experience. The combat controls are smooth and easy to manage and even the puzzles are unique. Basically, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix was designed from the ground up for adults, and the end result is a game that’s smart, sophisticated and sexy everywhere that counts. While it’s certainly not for everyone, those who have no problem with overt sexuality and tackling deep issues of theology and morality should consider this a must-have game.
GamePro (US) (Feb 20, 2002)
Fear Effect returns to the PlayStation with a longer gameplay, an extra character, and added replay value. You play as one of four unsavory characters through this four-CD monster that spans eight levels, including different worldwide locales. The graphics and sounds are similar to those to the first game (that is to say top-notch), and the challenging game play will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end. Retro Helix loses some points for the clumsy item management, and some of the game’s puzzles rely more on time-consuming trial-and error than actual brain-power, but those flaws can be easily overlooked when the engrossing story takes hold. Feat Effect 2 is the first must-have PlayStation title of the new year.
4Players.de (Apr 26, 2001)
Mit Fear Effect 2 - Retro Helix wird ein altbekanntes Spielprinzip grafisch und atmosphärisch eindrucksvoll aufbereitet. Das ist auch gleichzeitig neben dem abermals happigen Schwierigkeitsgrad -weswegen Fear Effect 2 knapp am Award vorbeischrammt- der größte Schwachpunkt. Denn wirklich Neues wird man vergeblich suchen. Doch im Gegenzug hat es bisher kaum ein Spiel geschafft, so glaubhafte Charaktere aufzubauen und eine dermaßen beeindruckende und überzeugende Atmosphäre aufkommen zu lassen.
GameSpot (Feb 20, 2001)
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is a game that successfully blends the action, survival-horror, and role-playing genres into a single outstanding product.
Video Games (Jul, 2001)
Respekt! Ich hätte es nicht für möglich gehalten, dass es Kronos gelingt, in der kurzen Zeit einen ebenso umfangreichen Nachfolger auf die Beine zu stellen, der in Sachen Spielspaß nicht wenige PlayStation2-Neuheiten im Regen stehen lässt. Fear Effect 2 besticht durch blendendes Character-Design mit zwei der heißesten Game-Babes der Videospiel-Geschichte, einer glaubwürdigen Story mit vielen Wendungen, einem verbesserten Ziel-Mechanismus und zuletzt einer deutlichen Reduzierung der frustrierenden Trial-and-Error-Szenen mit Dragon's-Lair-Sterberate. Der Bildschirm-Ausschnitt im 16:9-Format sowie die Technik der Loops und Streams, die die detaillierten Render-Backgrounds mit Leben füllen, verleihen dem Nachfolger das wohlbekannte, cineastische Flair. Action-Adventure-Fans mit Hang zu Super-Babes kommen an den vier mit feinem Artwork vollgestopften CDs nicht vorbei. Einzig die Aufgabenstellung der Puzzles hätte vielerorts etwas deutlicher ausfallen können.
While the actual gameplay hasn't been changed, Fear Effect 2 is a much more solid game with interesting puzzles that fit well into the paradigm of hacking computers and juryrigging equipment. It also offers a much lengthier and better designed quest. Unfortunately, nothing was done to fix the original game's horrid inventory system. This makes it impossible to select an item quickly when you suddenly find yourself surrounded after a sudden perspective change, or when a cutscene forces a weapon on you that you don't have any ammo for. Despite this, Fear Effect 2 the game is every bit as strong as the mature content surrounding it.
Playzone (Feb 19, 2001)
Das wichtigste weibliche Körperteil ist bei Hana Tsu Vachel und Rain Qin besonders ausgeprägt. Und natürlich setzen sie es auch gerne ein, um Probleme zu lösen. Die Rede ist hier natürlich vom Gehirn. Obwohl die beiden Frauen auch sonst von der Natur begünstigt worden sind, glänzen sie doch hauptsächlich mit überragender Kopfarbeit.
Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 26, 2001)
Eine filmreife Story im Manga-Style, schaurige Atmosphäre, sexy Girls und schwere Waffen. Das alles bietet der zweite Teil der Fear Effect-Reihe. Schlüpfen sie in die Rolle der vollbusigen Heldinnen und zeigen sie mit Können und Sexappeal, wie sie ihre Feinde ausspielen. Action, Thrill und knackige Rätsel sind Hauptbestandteil dieses Action-Adventure´s. Die mit Motioncapturing überzogenen und geränderten Hintergründe sind sehenswert... ganz zu schweigen der heißen Babe´s, welche sich immer wieder mal umziehen müssen. Fazit: Ein absolutes Muss!
PSM (Apr, 2001)
Besides being a quality title overall, FE2 is about as adult a game as you'll ever see on the PlayStation. You'll encounter tons gruesome monsters, violence, gore, and even a little brief nudity. This superficial stuff is only an added bonus though, and would do little to enhance the game without a good plot and solid gameplay. Fortunately, FE2 has the whole deal.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 29, 2001)
Fear Effect 2 est une expérience à ne pas rater ; probablement l'un des derniers titres réellement indispensables sur Playstation. Un soft que quelques défauts empêcheront toutefois d'atteindre la perfection, mais qui réserve des moments d'une intensité incomparable, de par son intrigue passionnante, la profondeur des personnages et son atmosphère angoissante.
Game Critics (Mar 08, 2001)
Despite these gripes, I still look upon Fear Effect 2 with a very affectionate eye and admire all of the positive things, which easily outshadow the negatives. It's a shame Eidos's rampaging ad department has chosen to portray Fear Effect 2 as a lurid, softcore game, especially in light of Congress's constant search for cultural scapegoats—a poor choice, in my opinion. The game also still harbors certain play elements which need to be re-examined for any future sequels, but overall the game's handling of characters and themes will be cherished by those mature gamers who want and expect something more than the accepted norm from videogames. Kronos firmly comes into its own as a developer that deserves much respect by continuing its bold, gonzo approach to adult gaming content, and I definitely look forward to their next offering.
Gameplanet (Jun 13, 2001)
FEAR EFFECT 2 RETRO Helix is the sequel to the sleeper hit of 2000. The first game, Fear Effect, introduced us to 3 main characters, Hana, Glas and Deke. Retro Helix is the prequel and shows us how the 3 became united, through what seemed like an easy retrieval assignment and uncovers a plot that wouldn't seem out of place in a James Bond film. The original also introduced Motion Effects technology into the game that "seamlessly" blends game play and movie sequences together.
Have you seen the ads for this game? Namely the ad which reads "these two ladies put the ass in assassin"? If you like the ads, the game will not disappoint. Yes, fellas, there is a little of the old switch-hitting action, but try not to get too excited because they don’t last long. Oh yeah! The game. I nearly forgot. There are some interesting parts to the gameplay. A heart-rate meter supplants the traditional health gauge, and the bombshells do get to truck around in some interesting vehicles. The scene in which they commandeer a mecha comes to mind. Okay, back to the T&A. Give the public what they want, right? This game will bank on the fact that the main characters are hot chicks who get naughty. It’s a bit of a shame since the animation style, graphics, and polished play quality will be overshadowed by a gimmick.
Bottom line: I did not enjoy playing FE2. It\'s a bit too nasty for my taste. I would only recommend this game to the mature gamers based on the gory nature and sexual contents.
Game Revolution (Mar 01, 2001)
Having said that, Fear Effect 2 is still a kick with its sharp visual style, crisp sounds, and thousands of tasty, violent, obscene morsels which are sure to stimulate your psychic sweet tooth. A strong game to be sure, but not the sequel it could have been.
neXGam (2002)
Fear Effect 2 kann vor allem durch die spannende Geschichte überzeugen, die trotz des teilweise fiesen Schwierigkeitsgrades zum Weiterspielen ermutigt. Da ist es verzeihbar, dass technisch eigentlich kein nennenswerter Unterschied zum Vorgänger erkennbar ist. Die etwas komplizierte Steuerung und die dicken schwarzen Balken schränken den Spielspass aber doch etwas ein. Von den 4 CDs sollte man sich übrigens nicht täuschen lassen, denn das Game ist nicht besonders lang. Wer es schafft eine funktionierende Taktik für die Kämpfe auszuarbeiten und bei dem ein oder anderen Rätsel im Internet nach einer Lösung sucht, der wird Retro Helix an einem Wochenende durchspielen können.
Fear Effect: Retro Helix is a game that packs a cinematic punch that few other titles have managed to muster, looking professional and beautiful at the same time. However, the gameplay is loose and imprecise enough to turn off those who expect better control out of their action titles.
IGN (Feb 21, 2001)
Y'all are probably chomping at the bit to see them now, though, so have at it -- I doubt you'll be disappointed. I hope, however, that when Kronos sets to a next-generation project they work on improving their grasp of game design, rather than just coming up with a new set of pretty/dirty pictures to show us.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Mar 27, 2001)
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, when all is said and done, is a game that offers repetitive find-the-key puzzling, inexplicable deaths and an onslaught of disturbing and occasionally sickening visuals. It is a very well presented adventure, and its graphics when not focusing on the obscene are quite passable. The control system and camera positioning often conspire to upset your progress, but the challenge is such that you will probably stick with it to the end. On a personal note, I think Eidos ought to go back to making Tomb Raider games, at least they aren't quite this depraved.
Gamekult (Apr 03, 2001)
Malgré sa réalisation correcte, deux mots suffisent à résumer Fear Effect 2 : anecdotique et commercial. A réserver aux fans du genre uniquement. Et encore, s'ils sont vraiment en manque.

atari breakout