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Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Hana and Rain
Starting the game
Hana and Rain work on a plan
Beautiful pre-rendered water
Main menu
Our main players...
Hana (from the intro) taking care of "business".
Rain, trying to avoid steam vents.
Can't feel my legs!
Fending off fixer bots.
Repairing bots could prove useful...
Solving puzzles...
More puzzles...
Aghh!! Rats!
Hana watches as Rain takes a ride with the "lovebug".
Running from an explosion in classic Fear Effect fashion.
Best line ever!
Using the sniper scope.
Infiltrating a party bond-style.
That goes double for you geek!
About to perform a sneak kill.
More puzzles
Rain joins the party.
Putting on a show for the surveillance cameras!
Sneaking around with the an enemy bio-suit.
Every chapter gives you a stats review at the end now.
Eat it!
Deke is back!
Blasting some...things.
Hopping vampires!!
Stylish Hana
Taking some time off to finish a science project...