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Forsaken Credits (PlayStation)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Forsaken Credits

Probe Development Team

Development DirectorTony Beckwith
Project ManagerJames Stewart
ProgrammingGreg Michael, Tony Monckton, Justin Garvanovic
ArtworkNed Langman, Anthony Rosbottom, Daniel Burke
Level CreationNick Baynes, Errol Gale, Ned Langman, Paul Sinton, Chris Baker, Nick McGee, Ian Hudson, Neil Gartell, Tom Geddes, Alec Prenter, Kevin Row, Andrew G. Williams, Adam Bouskill, Andy Cowe, Craig Kerrison, Anthony Rosbottom, Ian Yarwood-Lovett
Concept ArtworkJeremy Elford, Alex Lawrence, HABITAT, Bob Armour, Paul Sinnett, TOOLS, Oliver Castle, Tony Monckton
Music Created by "The Swarm"Stephen Root, Dominic Glynn
SFX & FMV AudioStephen Root, Andrew Brock, Simon Robertson
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
QA DepartmentRichard Foster, Mitchell Slater, Scott Priestly, Geoffrey Cullen, Andrew Aish
Special ThanksDavid Collins, Dan Phillips, Oliver Castle, Phil Yard, Mark Fisher, Alex Syrichas, James Hawkins

Acclaim Product Development

ProducerShawn David Rosen (Forsakenboy)
Lead AnalystsJames Craddock (China White), Mike Patterson (Lenin)
Project LeadsBrian Regan (Gouki), John Cyriaque (Ti Lung)
QA TestersJennifer Walka (Dr. Evil), Kristian Telschow (Bronx), Joe Maiello (I Like Jello), Martin Glantz (Blade)
Marketing Product ManagerDonald Jackson
Assistant Product ManagerEd Fortune
UK MarketingFrank Sagnier, Theresa Noonan, Ned Browning, Vincent Mercier, Rainer Zipp
Creative ServicesScott Jenkins, Lenny O'Donnell, Bethany Pawluk, Jenny Shannon, Sandra Becker
European CoordinatorLisa Koch
Manager Internet ServicesBen Fischbach
WebmasterBobby Saha
Forsaken ManualsBill Dickson
Forsaken Strategy GuidesJeff Gomez, Joe Caponsacco, Alana Zdinak, Dan Garcia, Matthew Canonico, Jeremy Pope, Alex Glass
Forsaken Public RelationsKathryn Morris, Michael Meyers
UK Public RelationsSimon Smith-Wright, Reza Memari, Sigfrido Buttner-Garcia, Alex Ward, Stefan Luludes, St├ęphanie Bolla
TranslationsReza Memari, Vincent Mercier, Phil Brannelly, Sigfrido Buttner-Garcia
European Product CoordinationHarvey Elliott
Technical Support GroupHarry Reimer (FilthyEars), Howard Perlman (ex-kane), Kevin Denehy, Robert Coffey (Moish), Andrew Fullaytor, Greg McGovern (BigDaddy), Ulises Batalla (Papa-san), David Pollick (HooVooLoo), Leigh Busch (Frodo), Andy Scalka
Special ThanksCol Stone, Brett Gow, Paul Eibler, Roger Booth, Carol Caracciolo, Dale Taylor, Jeff Rosa, Travis Calabrese, Robin Rosen, James Daly

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (552174)