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Although nothing can compare to playing the actual sport of golf, Gremlin have achieved a milestone in video game sport that will take an age to surpass. The superb 3 D technology and wealth of options will keep the armchair fan content throughout the long winter break. Actua Golf 2 is so much more playable than the original with good shots more likely to be rewarded with an Eagle while wayward drives are severely penalized. Just like the actual sport. Excellent.
The thing that grabs me about this version is the sheer playability. You really do get caught up in the action. Four player skins become tense affairs, and even the commentators rub it in after a particularly bad shot. Everything you possibly could want in a golf game is here, and that is all you need to know.
If you've got a couple of friends round, even the kind who don't usually play video games, Actua Golf 2 is entertaining and addictive, and its rather outdated visuals don't detract from the quality gameplay.
Mega Fun (Nov, 1997)
Überhaupt stellt AG 2 ein absolutes Optionswunder dar, bei dem selbst beim Replay unzĂ€hlige Blickwinkel zur Auswahl stehen - fĂŒr meinen Geschmack etwas zuviel des Guten. Grafisch wirkt die Balldrescherei nicht rundum ĂŒberzeugend. Zwar sind die Animationen sehr hĂŒbsch, dafĂŒr mangelt au an Farbigkeit und flĂŒssigem Scrolling (der englische Kommentator ist dafĂŒr teilweise recht köstlich). Obwohl das Gameplay stark vom Computer unterstĂŒtzt wird, dauert es dennoch eine Weile, bis man den ersten Birdy erzielt. Der „Schwingbalken“ verzeiht nĂ€mlich keine Fehler und das GrĂŒn lĂ€ĂŸt sich nicht optimal lesen.
Video Games (Nov, 1997)
Man möchte den englischen Entwicklern fast Selbstverliebtheit unterstellen, da die Macken des ersten Teils kaum behoben wurden. Dabei könnte Gremlin mit ein bißchen FingerspitzengefĂŒhl aus actua Golf vielleicht tatsĂ€chlich “the finest golf game around“ machen, wie deren Eigenwerbung so schön lautet. Leider ist es auch diesmal wieder reinster Selbstmord, den Schlagbalken nur einen Millimeter ĂŒber die Caddie-Markierung hinaus schnellen zu lassen. Der von Natur aus eh schon rasante “Swingometer“ saust dann nĂ€mlich derart unanhaltbar fix zurĂŒck, daß sich Euer Ball jedesmal mit einem Hyper-Slice in Richtung Out of Bounds verabschiedet. Ebenso unbefriedigend ist die Lage am GrĂŒn. Egal welches Grid Ihr auswĂ€hlt, man entwickelt einfach kein GefĂŒhl fĂŒr das Zusammenwirken van GefĂ€lle, Entfernung zum Loch und der einzusetzenden Schlagkraft weshalb fĂŒrs Putten unnötig viele Versuche draufgehen. Aufgrund der tollen PrĂ€sentation und dank der vielen Kurse lohnt sich ein Anspielen aber dennoch.
Edge (Sep, 1997)
Few companies are producing PlayStation sports titles with the same frenzied dedication as Gremlin. The ever-increasing Actua range is the dominant sports brand on Sony's machine, and Actua Golf 2 is an obvious attempt to consolidate that position, upgrading last year's original (which had a lukewarm reception) with improved visuals and commentary.
Gamezilla (1997)
I really can't think of a single reason to purchase this over Hot Shots Golf. To say I was disappointed in the game would be an understatement. I really had high hopes but the way the ball reacted really made the game difficult to play. Most of my good shots were by products of luck, which sucks because I want to do good because I am good or do bad because I am bad. I really did like the random course generator but unfortunately I won't be using it much because the game is just to unpredictable. I think this game had all the makings of a good game but it should have been gone through a little better before being released in the states.
Once again, the skilful game is reduced to pressing the X button at the right time. Golf is an incredibly complex sport, pressing the X button when a power bar reaches a set point on a gauge does not compare. Despite a lack of initiative, Actua Golf 2 can still claim to be the best golf game available for the PlayStation.
Getting right to the point, this game is a disappointment. The graphics are uninspiring as any I've seen on the PS in a while. I know what the golf ball should do when hit, but in FSP '99 the ball takes indiscriminate bounces all over the place for no particular reason.
Game Revolution (Sep 01, 1998)
Overall, Fox Sports Golf '99 is just a poor video game. The graphics are weak, the gameplay moves slowly, and the putting is sure to give you high blood pressure. If you love golf, and you have to own a golf game for your Playstation, my recommendation is to look elsewhere.
GameSpot (Aug 12, 1998)
So, at the risk of sounding a little too passionate about a golf game, Fox Sports Golf '99 is painfully bad. A confusing and ugly interface combined with a confusing and ugly game does not a success make. In fact it doesn't even rank as a failure, because that would imply that something was being done right. Not here. This game is all wrong, and for a sports game, that is the greatest of all sins. Avoid with extreme prejudice.

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