G-Police: Weapons of Justice Credits (PlayStation)

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G-Police: Weapons of Justice Credits


Lead ProgrammerGavin Whitlock
ProgrammersMichael Devereux, Tony Marshall, Andrew McCabe
Special ThanksNeil Duffield


Lead ArtistRobert Osborne
Senior ArtistTrevor Slater
ArtistClaire Cooper
Artist/Concept ArtIain Thody


Lead DesignerStuart Wheeler
DesignersStuart Maine, Graham Sergeant
Special ThanksEdward Persey, Ross Thody


MusicStuart Duffield
Sound FXStuart Duffield
English Voice‑over RecordingsAudioInteractive Ltd
English Slater and DanielsVocom Communications

Pre-rendered Sequences

Senior Character Animator and Modeller/FMV Director/Motion Capture DirectorAngus Fieldhouse
Environments and Animation ArtistPaul Kurowski

Motion Capture

Shoot ManagerSteven Hill
Post Processing/PerformanceRebecca York
Post ProcessingEd Bolton
PerformanceEuan Leckie, Harriet Wootliff


ProducerJools Jameson

End-phase Programming

Lead ProgrammerNeil Duffield
Senior ProgrammerDavid Latheron
ProgrammersDavid Jones, Tony Marshall, Andrew McCabe, Derek Ward

End-phase Art

Senior ArtistTrevor Slater
ArtistMartin Calvert

End-phase Marketing Visuals

Senior ArtistSimon Parish
ArtistJesús Cobo, Andrés Rovina-Roquero

End-phase Design

DesignersNick Harper, Stuart Maine, Graham Sergeant

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Credits for this game were contributed by David Lloyd (12)