Gekido Credits (PlayStation)

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Gekido Credits

Interplay Entertainment Corp. Presents

Gekido Urban Fighters ANAPS Team game
This game is dedicated toIan Stewart
DesignFabio Capone, Domenico Barba
GraphicsFabio Capone
ProgrammingDomenico Barba
Additional DesignTravis Ryan
Additional ProgrammingJim Tebbut
Special Thanks toIra Hill
Intro SequencePaul McGarvey, Baraka
Additional Stage ConceptsMark Diamond
Motion Capture ArtistsFabio Capone, Waye Sum Wu (Wu Long)
Motion Capture TechnicianTony Wills
Sound SupportChris Sweetman, Simon Gilman
Voice Over » NAPS Team StaffFabio Capone, Domenico Barba, Yuki Morisato
Voice Over » Infogrames StaffDavid Frederickson, Gareth Betts, Satsuki Fujii, Taka Mishima, Ryo Onishi
Developed byNA.P.S. Team SNC

In Game Music

Copyright 2000Semi Precious Studios Ltd., All Rights Reserved.
Glass Spider byTripwire
Love IslandFatboy Slim (by), Written by Cook, Fatboy Slim (Produced by), Simon Thornton (Engineered and Mixed by), Published by Polygram Music Publ Ltd., P Skint Records 1999, Taken from the album , Out now on Skint Records, Appears courtesy of Skint Records, 0044 0 1273 738 527 or
The Rockafeller Skank Mulder's Urban Takeover RemixFatboy Slim (by), Written by Cook and Barry, Fatboy Slim (by), Simon Thornton (Engineered and Mixed by), Published by Polygram Music, Gold Forever Music Inc, MCA Music, Robbins Music Corp, Contains a sample from , Used by permission under license from Holland Group Productions Inc., By arrangement with Celebrity Licensing
Beat GirlBy The John Barry Seven, Courtesy of EMI Records, P Skint Records 1999, Taken from the single , Out now on Skint Records, Appears courtesy of Skint Records, 0044 0 1273 738 527 or

Interplay Entertainment Corp. » Development

VP of DevelopmentRobert Nesler
Division DirectorJim Molitor
ProducerAlan Barasch
Associate ProducerJeremy Ray
Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagerDavid L. Simon
Project SupervisorShanna Lynne Takayama
Senior TestersJohn Kirkland, Amy Lyn Presnell
TestersRichard Avalos, Danielle Cragun, Jeff Husges, Savina Greene, Marc Droudian
Test Support » NAPS Team StaffMaurizio Raffa, Salvo Messina, Gianfranco Genovese
Artwork and IllustrationsJoe Madureia, Fabio Capone
Art Direction, Manual and Pack DesignHead F1rst

Interplay Entertainment Corp. » Marketing

VP of MarketingCal Morrell
Marketing DirectorDebbie Howell
Product Marketing ManagerMonica Guerra, Michael Scharnikow


An Infogrames Motion ProductionJean-Philippe Agati, Olivier Goulay
ProductionPeter Dalton, Gareth Betts, Morgan O'Rahilly, Ivan Davies
MarketingMonique Crusot, Joe Chetcuti, Scott Fink, Florence Rigaut, Daniel Matray
Lead TestStephen Woodward
Test SupportMartin Berridge, Daniel Webster, Eric Booker, Stefano Reali, Wayne Adkin


Gekido NA.P.S. and the NA.P.S. Logo are trademarks ofNA.P.S. Team SNC
Distributed byInterplay
Under License fromGremlin Interactive Limited
Interplay, the Interplay Logo and "By Gamers, For Gamers" are trademarks of Interplay Entertainment Corp., All rights reserved
Infogrames and the Infogrames logo are trademarks ofInfogrames Europe S.A.


Special Thanks toPeter Dalton (Formaggio), Stephen Wahid (Soup), Sarah Bennett (Moca), Martin Calpin (Whatis), Chantal Beaumont (Mionome), Pat Phelan (Thatsgood), Stephen Banks (Wheel), Ira Hill (Octopus), Olof Gustafsson (D.Illusion), James North-Hearn (NoProblem), Joe Madureia, Paul Green, Charlie, Pat Lee, Gianfranco Genovese (Link), Salvo Messina (Lagranden), Maurizio Raffa (Bugfinder), Gianfranco Ingegneri (Curriculum), Francesco Donato (Ciccio), Giuseppe Marletta (Etabeta), Francesco Bizzini (Flagman), Manlio Greco (Optimizer), Vlada Boute (Sladkij), Anna Boute (Sladkij), Davide Venuti (Sentiunacosa), Andrea Piccione (Egupido), Barbara Testagrossa (Paziente), Peppe Peppozzo (Peppozzo), Paola, Lina Roccia, Marisa Perla, Andrea Artu, Patrizia Pat, Dany, Saul Bertuccio (Amiga), Anto Giramondo, Marcello Cangialosi, RRobe, Thanks goes also to all the people that in the long and hard adventure of doing the game always believed in our work and in our passion for doing videogames

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jake AM (9479)