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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Nintendo 64 (German):

    Ein Handschuh rettet Crystal Kingdom

    Glover ist neu! Glover ist cool! Glover ist der Held! Glover ist... ein Handschuh! Ja genau, richtig gelesen! Ein Handschuh rettet die Welt! Na ja, nicht gleich die ganze Welt, sondern das sagenumwobene Crystal Kingdom. Wie er das macht? Auf seine ganz eigene Art und Weise! Er wirft, dribbelt, schlägt und rollt einen Gummiball durch sechs riesige Welten und sammelt dabei nach und nach die über das gesamte Königreich verstreuten Kristalle wieder ein.

    Glover besticht durch ein absolut neues, innovatives Gameplay. Die Mischung aus Strategie-Adventure, Rätselspaß und Action-Elementen ist so noch nie dagewesen. Unzählige Rätsel, zahlreiche Moves und immer wieder neue Herausforderungen garantieren endlosen Spielspaß! Wie gesagt: Glover ist neu! Glover ist cool!

    • Eine neues Genre ist geboren: Rätsel-, Fun-, Abenteuer- und Strategie-Action!
    • Drei Varianten: Standard, Zeitspiel und ein ausführlicher Trainingsmodus!
    • Deutscher Bildschirmtext, modulinterner Speicher mit 6 Speicherplätzen!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66790) on Nov 28, 2005. – Nintendo 64:
    Three fingers and one thumb. That's all you'll need to save the world in Glover, the new mystical 3D adventure from Hasbro Interactive.

    Glover is Hasbro Interactive's first title for the N64, and they make an impressive entrance with this entertaining game. Glover is a puzzle-intensive adventure game made up of 7 worlds with over 20 different levels. You control a charismatic glove that walks on two fingers, slaps harder than Steve Austin, dribbles faster than Scottie Pippen, and plays with a bouncy rubber ball.

    Not unlike many other adventure games, the story line behind Glover involves a magical castle and a bubbling cauldron. While working on a particularly challenging magical spell, an absent-minded wizards grabs a handful of bat's toe when he should have used pinch of worm skin. The ensuing blast knocks the wizard down, and causes his magical gloves to be ripped from his hands. One glove lands safely outside, but the other glove is dropped into the cauldron and transformed into an evil mutated fashion accessory . The disturbance also dislodges some magical crystals from the wizard's castle, and the fragile stones plummet rapidly toward the ground. Glover, the glove which landed outside, thinks quickly and transforms the breakable crystals into bouncy rubber balls. This prevents them from breaking, but unfortunately they bounce away to different areas of the world. To save the wizard and restore order to the land, Glover must retrieve the balls and return them to their original positions. Therein lies the fun and challenge of the game.

    Although the evil glove has scattered angry enemies and bosses throughout the worlds, the bulk of Glover's challenges revolve around getting the ball from point A to point B. There are many ways for Glover to manipulate the bouncy ball, and you will have to master them all to overcome the game's puzzles. You normally use Glover to roll the ball along the ground, but you will also have to bounce it up stairs, throw it over gaps, slap it into enemies, and even balance on it to get over water.

    You will have to use Glover's magical powers to transform the ball into different types of spheres, including a bowling ball and a ball bearing. The physics system in Glover is impressive, and the different balls behave realistically depending on their weight. It is sometimes impossible to get heavy balls up steep hills, but the light-weight rubber balls roll easily up inclines.

    Controlling the ball-and-glove team may take some practice, but the play control is precise. Some of the game's challenges focus on manual dexterity, but other situations require you to solve creative puzzles. An example of this is the Carnival world, where Glover must find and activate a series of switches in order to progress. Half of the fun is figuring out what to do, and the other half is actually getting the ball where you need it.

    There are magical cards scattered throughout the worlds in Glover, and collecting them will give you access to bonus worlds. There are secret areas hidden within the levels, so the game rewards heavy exploration and experimentation. If you see a cracked wall or a suspicious crevice, try pounding the ground or slapping the ball into that area. Although the game doesn't offer multi player capabilities, there is a time trial mode which allows you to compete with your friends for the best time.

    Glover provides a fresh approach to the adventure genre, and its bizarre puzzles will have you scratching your head in confusion. Thinking about one white glove may remind you of a certain pop singer from the 1980's, but we're convinced that there is no connection.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65826) on Aug 16, 2005.

Advertisement in PC Games, January 1999 (German):
    A star is born! Glover ist auf dem besten Weg, der berühmteste Handschuh aller Zeiten zu werden. Damit die Welt gerettet wird, müssen die magischen Bälle zum Zauberschloß zurück. Leicht gesagt. Wechselndes Terrain, seltsame Wesen und knifflige Rätsel stellen Glover und seinen Ball vor immer neue Probleme.
    Also greif ein und hilf ihm in sieben 3D-Welten über 30 packende Abenteuer zu bestehen. Fantastische Animationen und ein einmaliges Gameplay werden Dich belohnen!

  • fesselndes, neuartiges Spielkonzept
  • hochauflösende 3D-Umgebung mit dynamisch wechselnden Terrains
  • eine Fülle trickreicher Zwischen- und Endgegner
  • gleichzeitige Kontrolle über zwei Charaktere
  • atmosphärische Musik und Soundeffekte

    Save the World

    Contributed by Xoleras (66790) on Feb 14, 2005.

Back of Box - N64:

    Save the World...

    The Kingdom's peaceful world has been shattered! The wizard, while mixing potions with his magical gloves has caused a huge explosion, turning him instantly to stone and dislodging the seven crystals that give the Kingdom its energy. Without the crystals, the castle and its world will fall apart and the wizard will be lost!

    It's down to Glover, one of the magical gloves, to find the crystals, now disguised as rubber balls and return them safely to the castle. Guide Glover and the balls through seven magical worlds full of puzzles and hidden surprises. Watch out! The evil glove is lurking in the shadows, and he'll stop at nothing to foil Glover's attempts at restoring peace.

  • Over 30 levels to explore across six unique worlds
  • Innovative duo of Glover and ball
  • Clever themed puzzles that require the use of both glove and ball
  • Inspiring power-ups! Change the form of the glove and the property of the ball
  • Over 30 bizarre and funny characters, like nothing you have seen before

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69350) on Mar 22, 2003.