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atari saboteur
Written by  :  leon101 (64)
Written on  :  Jan 23, 2005
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Well, the graphics... are smoother... but that's all!

The Good

Well, the gameplay is exactly the same as the first GTA, which in this case is good, the radio stations are better in my opinion, plus you can change the radio station when in a car, that's a good thing, plus you can take pedestrians in a taxi for extra money, which is a extra. and fun to do, there are added weapons, and a people flying in the air physic, plus there are car theif's, and pick pocket guys, but that's where the good ends.

The Bad

That seems like a lot of added features, but the game missions and secretes are the same, and the respect thing is just annoying, also the game get's too hard in the mission structure.

The Bottom Line

bottom line... rent, only rent.

atari kombinera