Grand Theft Auto 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Loading screen 1
Scene from the intro movie
Title screen
Main menu
The starting location. You can only save a game at the church.
Search for the phone when you need a job.
The first Zaibatsu mission. I must steal that special Looney car.
Earning some money by doing insane stunts.
These GTA2 tags are hidden throughout the city.
Other gangs like Yakuza don't give you a job if you are working for Zaibatsu
Trying to escape the SWAT team.
Loading screen 2
Time to go postal.
A Welcome tutorial job
This phone gives you gang information
I'm blowing up a group of cars.
At the shops you can respray or arm your car.
Steal a car, park it under the crane and watch the car get recycled.
Depending on the car type you get a weapon or a power-up.
Do you want more job? first finish the job you're currently working.
Johnny Zoo hires me to steal a SWAT van.
Respraying the car.
Busted! No problem if you got a "get outta jail free-card".
Kill 6 Elvis impersonators in a row and you'll receive the "Elvis has left the building" bonus.
Unstoppable! least in the Downtown District.
No more Zaibatsu blockade, the Rednecks will invade Zaibatsu men easily
There are also some small bonus rounds to play.
A trap! I'm going to Alma Mater prison
Get out! I need that car.
Kill some gang members to earn respect.
I did it, I'm inside Alma Mater, now I must locate the inmate to do some damage to the guards
Deep in Redneck territory. They drive like maniacs here.
No respect. No job.
The Electro-gun is a powerful weapon against a large group of targets.
The National Guard is approaching. SWAT teams and FBI agents couldn't stop me.
It's a war now.
Let's race and kill some people besides.
You can respray the car, arm it with vehicle machine guns, oil and make the car a bomb in the stores.
Just arrived in the Industrial District.
Driving around, searching for trouble.
The Krishna fools are ready to become in hot dogs
It's Jerkov from the Russian Mafia.
You can also earn money by stealing a Taxi and collecting fares.
I'm in a car on the rooftop, preparing for another insane stunt.
How do you taste the hot dog? poisonous?
Dirk challenges me to a race, if I win, I can use his pickup to kidnap his grandpa.
Destroying the J-Lab.
Look, the exclusive vehicle on Downtown District is the Dementia Limousine.
After clearing an area, here's the statistics.