Advertising Blurbs
    As the Grinch stands with his telescope pressed to his eye, gazing down from the summit of Mt. Crumpit, he observes the residents of Whoville as they prepare to welcome in Christmas. Screwing up his face in disgust, he mumbles to his dog Max: "I must stop this whole thing! I must stop this Christmas from coming!" The Grinch has decided that this year, he will take his ultimate revenge on Christmas and those awful Whos . . .

    Venture into the strange world that is Whoville, where reality is twisted and nothing is what it seems. Take on the identity of the warped and crazy Grinch, with his yellow eyes, green hair and bad breath (some say it's so bad, it can kill off trees and green plants!) as he plots against Christmas and wreaks havoc on the festive preparations.

    Make use of the strangest collection of weapons you've ever seen, such as the Rotten Egg Launcher and the Slime Shooter, as you and your faithful dog journey through the crazy world of Whoville, getting up to all kinds of extraordinary antics!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 08, 2004.