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PlayStation version

Behold! This is the title screen of the game that started it all!
Options screen, you can change the rules of the game and hear the game music.
Sol and Ky were arch rivals from day one.
Character select screen.
The game offers characters of various proportions: from the skinny Dr. Baldhead (right) to the beefy Potemkin (left).
Kliff Undersn to Millia Rage: "I may be too old to defeat you in the bedroom, but I own the battleground."
Oops, I was wrong!
Unlike its successors, the graphics in the original Guilty Gear are not high-res, but still, they are beautiful.
That Potemkin fella is sure easy to beat (if you fight him in training mode, where he's standing still).
Sprite pallets can also be changed to sooth player's taste.
i don't want fight! I want some rest!
Bloody scalpel!
Explosion hit
Some fire is effective
Haircut on Dr. Baldhead.:D
May has dark side