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PSExtreme (Jul, 1999)
The bottom line is that High Heat Baseball 2000 is an example of bringing a product to market before it's ready, and a game that didn't get to spend enough time in the 'focus group' testing center. Or, on the other hand, maybe it's an example of a vision of baseball that I just don't understand. Either way, it's a tame experience, and one that won't make me stop playing MLB or Baseball 2000 anytime soon.
Sports Gaming Network (Jun 11, 1999)
High Heat baseball has a good brain and well-developed AI, but that's about it. Somewhere deep down in High Heat 2000 is a great baseball game trying to get out, but it's trapped under heavy layers of bad graphics, mediocre audio, and a general lack of personality and atmosphere. Perhaps true baseball purists will overlook this game's many weaknesses and appreciate its realism and smart gameplay, but for most sports gamers, there are three better baseball titles available for the PSX this season. High Heat, sadly, goes down with a big whiff.
I suppose Studio .366 had to start somewhere and this actually isn't a terrible first effort for the Playstation, but it simply cannot compete with the veteran baseball titles that are available today. With better graphics, some good color commentary, a bit more "atmosphere" and some additional fine-tuning on the animation side, High Heat 2000 may be able to compete in the big leagues. As it stands right now, it plays a good game of baseball that just doesn't look or sound very nice at all.
PSX Nation (1999)
High Heat Baseball is a title that while obviously geared towards the sim crowd, needs to steer away from the more PC based play. With better interfaces and a graphics overhaul High Heat could compete with the other games. As it stands, High Heat is a long way off from being the best baseball game that the cover touts. The good things, if you are into sim games you probably could find enjoyment here and if not take 3DO up on their guarantee and send the bad boy back.
Game Revolution (Jan 06, 1999)
After hearing good things about High Heat Baseball 2000 for the PC, the Playstation version just disappoints. With it being released after MLB 2000 and Triple Play 2000, you would think Team .366 was holding High Heat back to see what the competition had to offer before releasing a title that would blow them out of the water. Alas, such was not the case.
IGN (May 21, 1999)
Well, if I haven't said it all already, I'll say it again. The fact is I wanted to like High Heat more than I did, but every time I made an instinctual choice to play a baseball game, High Heat didn't get the nod. I like underdogs, too, and High Heat is certainly the underdog on PlayStation. The relatively fast arcade-style play is mixed in with a good amount of realism, but the game doesn't sway in either direction, and it doesn't do anything well that can't be found in another title. Hopefully, when next year's version comes out it's a tailor-made PlayStation title, not a rehash, port, or code from last year's game. Who knows, maybe 3DO's PS2 game will be awesome.
When push comes to shove, the game is simply plagued with so many faults on the surface that the AI, the heart of the game, can't make you forget about them no matter how hard you try. Call me shallow, but it's hard to play this title after the glitzier Triple Play 2000 or MLB 2000. If there is a silver lining to this cloud, it's that when the graphics and gameplay finally catch up to the AI, this series will be the one to beat for baseball fans.
GameSpot (Jun 03, 1999)
In the end, with all of High Heat Baseball 2000's shortcomings, the game is by no means worthwhile, especially when you have so many better baseball games to choose from. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this one.
It's really hard to adequately explain all the reasons why this game is bad because there are so many. Basically, the graphics are utterly pathetic (the player models are plain, animate horribly and look nothing like the real-life players), the control is sluggish, and the pace of the game induces yawns by the end of the first inning. As a result, the only heat this title generates is the anger of someone unfortunate enough to spend their money on this poor game.