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High School! Kimengumi: The Table Hockey Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen with main menu.
Character select screen for single player mode. 5 characters are available from the start, and more will unlock as the game is played.
The different characters all have a unique intro screen for their story mode.
Some dialogue before the first game is played in story mode.
I'm getting a fighting game vibe from this screenshot!
Each character has a unique stage where the game takes place. A big cake, for example. The purple thing is a bonus item which will aid the player who gets it first.
Wire frame replay of the final shot of a round.
Unleashing a special attack!
Countered by another special attack!
Pretty intro screen... and that's a guy. ;)
Playing a game on what appears to be a shower room floor.
Dainty special attack of love!