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Honoo no Ryōrinin: Cooking Fighter Hao Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Intro (before the title screen).
Let's check the cookbook.
Don't kill chickens, they have feelings too. Anyway, obviously there's nothing in the cookbook yet.
Free cooking battle. Selecting a character.
I choose Pig...
Finally some gameplay... Surrounded by cute pigs. They will have to die anyway. :(
I lost on purpose.
Declaring a winner. Bouncing boobs. "Too bad" MobyGames doesn't accept gif images.
Story mode begins...
That's Hao. Nice costume.
Walking into the restaurant.
Lots of talk in the story mode...
The dude on the left will be the first opponent.
Poor chicken...
And the battle begins! Several chickens will be sacrificed.
More story/talk, even during the actual gameplay...
Bastard is dizzy, let's take advantage on it.
Cooking like a boss!
You suck.
"To be continued".
Finally an interaction with a woman.
...more food? I think I'm already full. I thought we were going to copulate?
Looks presentable.
Get outta my way sweetie.
She will win but only because I allowed. Wanna see the game over screen...
Winner Anisu.
Game is over.