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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Gamezilla (Oct 05, 1999)
This is one of those games that was a real surprise to me. I never expected it to be as good as it is. It is a lot of fun, very challenging and unique. Many people will probably overlook this game due to its name. They’ll probably equate Hot Wheels Turbo Racing with being a game that is geared solely towards young kids, which is not the case at all. Sure, the youngsters will enjoy it as much as anyone else will, but the big kids will surely get a kick out of it too. If you enjoy racing games at all, I would say that it is a safe bet you’ll really like Hot Wheels Turbo Racing. I can honestly say that I don’t have anything negative to say about this game. Go buy it!
When I got Hot Wheels Turbo Racing I had to say to myself, "it's about friggin' time". I am surprised nobody ever thought of this sooner. This is a license perfectly suited to a racing game and it also brings a great deal of originality to the genre. The graphics, while being rather 'blah..!', work well once the game is in motion. The car models are detailed nicely and do the Hot Wheels name justice. The music totally kicks ass and is a real strong motivator in the game as it will get your motor running so to speak. For me this game really delivered a good deal of the thrills and excitement that I hoped a Hot Wheels would, but to be honest not everyone will like this title. It has relatively low (but steady) frame rates, minimal control when compared to other racers and it just seems to loose it's edge after a good deal of playtime.
I'm worried that this game will be overlooked because A) It's yet another racing game in an already over-crowded market and B) Hot Wheels does make you think the game is only for kids. While the game is indeed for kids, I would argue that adults (or at least semi-adults like my wife keeps telling me I am) will enjoy the game even more thanks to the memories of childhood the game is bound to bring to mind. Of course if memories of your childhood have you reaching for your bottle of Prozac because your dad used to crush your Hot Wheels when you were an evil little person, you might want to take a pass on this one. Otherwise enjoy this 4 GiN Gem offering. I know I did.
GameSpot (Sep 17, 1999)
Forget about the collectors value. Hot Wheels were meant to be taken out of their packaging, pushed around, wrecked, and driven off makeshift cliffs that consisted of your couch cushions. Hot Wheels Turbo Racing captures the look and feel of those popular little cars and manages to deliver a surprisingly excellent gaming experience along the way.
Game Revolution (Oct, 1999)
Thus the fate of Hot Wheels is a judgement call for the consumer. If you're looking for a game to buy for a child, especially one without blood, then Hot Wheels is sure to please. But if you're just a Hot Wheels fan or are looking for the latest, greatest racing game, I recommend renting before buying. This game, much like the toys, are meant for the very young at heart.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 1999)
Wel vervelend vind ik de matige graphics, die het peil van de game behoorlijk naar beneden trekken. Da's best jammer, want op zich is er verder niet eens zoveel mis mee.
Video Games (Nov, 1999)
Hot Wheels ist sicher kein Game, das monatelang vor den Bildschirm fesselt, doch für eine schnelle Runde zwischendurch eignet es sich hervorragend. Besonders weil die Steuerung und das Kursdesign zwar fordernd, aber nie unfair ist, bleibt ständig der Reiz, neue Geheimgänge und versteckte Extras zu finden. Wer auf der Suche nach einem etwas anderen Rennspiel ist, wird mit Hot Wheels bestimmt zufrieden sein. Wer jedoch auch nur ein kleines bisschen Wert au! Realismus oder korrektes physikalisches Verhalten legt, sollte einen großen Bogen um dieses Spiel machen.
IGN (Sep 07, 1999)
Hot Wheels Turbo Racing is definitely one for the fans of the little metal car series, but the focus on mad tricks is fun. For a short while, anyway. If you've always wanted to see how your beloved toy cars would fare if you really did send them rocketing into the living room wall or whether they'd survive a 30-foot drop from the top of the local parking garage, I guess this is the game for you. If you wished SF Rush had more control and less randomness, then you'll love this. Hot Wheels does a little of everything pretty well, but doesn't execute everything well enough to remain a standout game for more than a month. Subtracting from the game's allure is its competition. A lot of racing games already exist on the PlayStation and it's hard to see why anyone but hardcore Hot Wheels aficionados would choose this over the likes of Driver, Rollcage, or even EA's own NFS games for driving thrills and spills.
65 (Nov 17, 1999)
Un bon jeu bien speed mais qui reste faiblard sur certains points, notamment graphiques. Les accros d'Hot Wheels préféreront sûrement continuer à faire sauter leur petites voitures du quatrième étage pour voir comment ça fait :o)
Mega Fun (Nov, 1999)
Die Strecken wurden recht abwechslungsreich und verzwickt gestaltet, so dass genügend Anreiz bleibt, sich ein wenig mit dem Spiel zu beschäftigen, Leider ist das gesamte technische Ambiente nur durchschnittlich. Recht schnell hat man sich an der schlichten Grafik satt gesehen und auch der Sound ist ziemlich mager ausgefallen. Da kann auch die ansprechende Musikuntermalung von namhaften Gruppen (unter anderem Metallica mit ihrem Hit “Fuel“) nichts mehr retten.
There's a moderately enjoyable game underneath the frame-rate problems, graphic glitches and average track design. The question is if you love Hot Wheels and the soundtrack enough to stick with it.
Ytterst kort livslängd trots massor av banor och hemligheter. Slarvigt ihopslängd licensprodukt.
A lot of interesting ideas are presented in Hot Wheels Turbo Racing, but no truly original ones. San Francisco Rush did the stunt racing thing last year, Beetle Adventure Racing featured a very similar non-linear track design and Micro Machines will always be the king of scale model racing, so what does HWTR offer? Not much, even when compared to Electronic Arts’ existing line of racing titles, such as the Need For Speed series. While some of the track design is interesting, you’ll find yourself tiring of them very quickly as you go around them over and over and over again. Unless you’re a die-hard Hot Wheels fan, I can think of very few people who would enjoy this game, and the general PSX playing populace would do themselves a favor by avoiding it.