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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (NL, UK):


    ...a hand grips Cord by the hair and pulls his face from the trough of water. The shadow of Nagarov falls across Cord's dazed face. Cord is breathless and terrified. The light is such that he cannot see his interrogator, but can hear him breathing.

    You're John Cord, a special agent. You were sent on an assignment that went horribly wrong.

    Captured by Nagarov forces, you are alone in a hostile country. You must escape, infiltrate, sneak and shoot your way through increasingly dangerous locations.
    Now find out who betrayed you and get closer to the ruthless mastermind behind the plan to trigger the nuclear holocaust!

    Enter a world of espionnage and conspiracy in which intelligence and self control will be your only way out:

    • An amazing thriller with terrifying and anguishing suspense
    • A scenario worthy of the best spy stories
    • Breath-taking graphics produce an intense atmosphere
    • 9 missions to discover...without loosing your cool!

    ...een hand grijpt Cord bij z'n haar en trekt zijn gezicht diep onder water. De schaduw van Naragov valt over Cord's verbijsterde gezicht. Cord is buiten adem en doodsbang. Het licht is zo dat hij de ondervrager niet kan zien, maar hij hoort zijn ademhaling.

    Jij bent John Cord, speciaal agent. Jij hebt een opdracht gekregen die helemaal verkeerd is aigelopen.

    Gevangen door de strijdkrachten van Naragov, ben jij alleen in vijandig gebied. Je moet ontsnappen, infiltreren, sluipen en schieten om een weg te banen door steeds gevaarlijker wordende locaties. Vind nu uit wie je verraden heeft en kom dichterbij het meedogenloze grote brein achter het plan om een nucleaire vernietiging te beginnen!

    Treed binnen in een wereld van spionage en en samenzwering waarin alleen Intelligentie en zelibeheersing je kunnen redden:

    • Een fantastische thriller met angstaanjagende en kwellende spanning
    • Een scenario gebaseerd op de beste misdaadroman
    • Adembenemende graphics zorgen voor een intense atmosfeer
    • 9 missies te ondekken... het lukt alleen wanneer je je rustig houdt!

    Contributed by Bullyt (550) on Jun 10, 2011.

Revolution Web Site:
    In Cold Blood

    After the surprise success of both Broken Sword games on the PSOne, Revolution was commissioned directly by Sony to produce a game to be released initially on Playstation One. After creating two Broken Sword games back to back Revolution took the opportunity to take a whole new direction from all its previous games and produced In Cold Blood, a offbeat twist on the secret agent / James Bond theme. Despite mixed reviewed, ICB achieved considerable success and was even translated into Russian. Gamers both loved and loathed ICB, but viewed purely as an adventure game, with Revolution's hallmark storyline and characterisation, ICB has much to offer the adventure fan.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Jul 10, 2004.

Press Release (North American Playstation):

    July 13, 2000

    In this game, players will need to be ready for some serious espionage, but don't worry, they'll be loaded...with gadgets, that is. This visually stunning action/adventure thriller gives players access to a plethora of James Bond-style gadgets. With nine missions and more than a hundred locations, players will encounter an abundance of non-stop action and suspense. Created by renowned British developer Revolution, In Cold Blood has explosive action (literally), an intriguing storyline, Hollywood-quality cinematics and addictive gameplay. Think Metal Gear Solid meets Broken Sword.

    Sometime in the near future, the United States of America and the People's Republic of China are on the verge of war--a new cold war that shows every sign of turning hot. Over-stretched by the Chinese crisis, the CIA requests assistance from MI6, the British Secret Service.

    Enter John Cord, a special agent sent on an assignment that goes horribly wrong. What starts as a minor investigation leads to the discovery of a conspiracy that threatens to destabilize the global balance of power. Cord knows he was betrayed, but does not know by whom. And as he dreams, he tries to make sense of his predicament to determine what really happened. As agent Cord, the player shoots their way through a series of Cord's flashbacks grasping at clues and investigating all the evidence knowing that only one thing is certain - there is no one they can trust.

    Key Game Features
    · Nine missions with approximately 60 hours of suspenseful and quick-paced action
    · Bond-style spy equipment that includes highly advanced communication computers, electromagnetic pulse mines, hacking units and motion detectors, among others
    · Pre-rendered graphics in more than 100 locations
    · Characters that react to the players actions, i.e. guards that hear shots will either retreat, come out firing, or sound the alarm depending on their knowledge of the situation
    · A captivating plot, delivered through in-game action and stunning Full Motion Video
    · Unusual camera angles that heighten the drama of the story
    · Enthralling, logical puzzles

    About DreamCatcher
    Started in 1996, DreamCatcher is a successful and growing publisher of PC and console software entertainment with mass appeal. The company is known for publishing leading interactive titles at an affordable price. DreamCatcher is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Visit the company web site at

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Apr 20, 2004.

Dreamcatcher Catalog 2001:
    Enter into a high-tech spy thriller world set in the near future. You are an M16 Secret Service Agent without a past. There are over 100 environments in which you must explore, hunt and survive. Play through 9 suspenseful and captivating missions using your stealth and your wits, and bring your betrayers to justice.

  • Includes the latest spy equipment, including highly advanced communication computers, electromagnet pulse-mines, hacking units, and motion detectors.

    Contributed by MAT (202316) on Oct 09, 2003.

Dreamcatcher's Web Page (2001) - PC Version:
    Set in the near future, In Cold Blood’ is an action adventure game featuring a very rich storyline and some of the most detailed pre-rendered environments ever seen on the PC. Enter the world of John Cord, an MI6 Secret Service agent without a past. Play through nine action-packed missions and bring your betrayers to justice! Developed by award winning Revolution Studios, In Cold Blood is a spy thriller delivered with motion picture style.


    Nine missions with approximately 60 total hours of gameplay

    The latest in spy equipment including highly-advanced communication computers,electromagnetic pulse-mines, hacking units,and motion detectors

    More than one hundred environments to explore and survive

    Suspenseful gameplay requiring stealth for mission success A captivating plot delivered through in-game action and stunning FMV



    Windows 95/98/ME

    Pentium 233 MHz

    32 Mb RAM

    4 x CD-ROM

    8 MB Video Card

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Oct 12, 2001.

    In Cold Blood is an adventure set in the memory of MI6 agent John Cord. Captured and tortured by enemy agents, he is weak and fighting for his sanity. All he knows for sure is that he was betrayed - if only he could remember by whom or why. Your adventure begins as Cord tries to piece together the fragments of his memory. You must reconstruct the events that led to Cord's capture, and use the information to make sense of his current situationas he languishes in a cell somewhere behind enemy lines. But if you're going to help Cord, you'll have to start acting like an MI6 agent; think like one, fight like one; and above all, survive. Use stealth wherever possible to avoid raising the alarm.

    You're no use to us dead.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (622) on Sep 11, 2001.

Inside Flap of Box:
    Take on the role of a Secret Service Agent...

    Think like one...

    Act like one...

    Fight like one.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9544) on Aug 02, 2001.

Back of Box:

    You play the role of John Cord, an MI6 Secret Service agent who has been sent to Volgia, USSR, at the request of the CIA, to help track down a missing agent.

    Enter a world of espionage and conspiracy. Infiltrate, sneak and shoot your way through increasingly dangerous locations.

    Key Features - Nine missions with approximately 60 total hours of gameplay - More than one hundred environments to explore and survive - The latest in spy equipment including highly-advanced communication computers, electromagnetic pulse-mines, hacking units, and motion detectors - Suspensful gameplay requiring stealth for mission success - A captivating plot delivered through in-game action and stunning FMV

    Contributed by JPaterson (9544) on Aug 02, 2001.