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In Cold Blood Credits

Revolution Software

DirectorCharles Cecil
ProducerSteve Ince
System DesignTony Warriner
Technical ProgrammingJake Turner
System ProgrammingTony Warriner, Jake Turner, Patrick Skelton, John Payne
Tools DevelopmentPeter Ellacott, Andrew Boskett, Jake Turner
Character AnimationStephen Oades, Michael Ryan, Steven Gallagher
LocationsAndi Forster, Andrew Proctor, Richard Bluff
Character ModellingSucha Singh, Andrew Gibson
ImplementationSteve Ince, Dale Strachan, Ben McCullough, Jonathan Howard, Steven Porritt, Tony Warriner, Patrick Skelton, David Britnell, Karl Naylor
SequencesBob Keen, Steven Gallagher, Stephen Oades, Michael Ryan, Richard Bluff, Andrew Proctor, Andi Forster
Sound EffectsBen McCullough, Jonathan Howard
StoryboardsBob Keen, Andrew Gibson
Character DesignLee Hong
Story / DesignCharles Cecil, Neil Richards, Tony Warriner, Steve Ince, Jonathan Howard, Dale Strachan
Script EditorNeil Richards
Project Co‑ordination ProducerStewart Gilray
Animation DirectorStephen Oades
CGI Sequence DirectorSteven Gallagher
Audio DirectorBen McCullough
Story ConsultantNoirin Carmody
Location RoughsSteve Ince
Technical ConsultantsNick Pelling, Chris John Jordan
Script and Actor DirectorEdward Hall
Recorded AtFlying Dutchman Studios
Business AffairsNoirin Carmody
In‑house TestingDale Strachan, Charles Cecil, Jake Turner, Steve Ince, Jonathan Howard, Steven Porritt, Tony Warriner, Patrick Skelton, John Payne, Ben McCullough, David Britnell, Karl Naylor, David Ince, Jason Ince, Sucha Singh, Stewart Gilray, Andrew Gibson, Andi Forster, Andrew Proctor, Richard Bluff, Andrew Boskett, Peter Ellacott, Daniel Barker, Sam Turner, Thea Turner, David Sykes, Louisa Denison, Robert Overmann, Katy Boskett, Stewart Boskett, Claire Payne, Becca Gilray
Thanks ToMatt Rignall, Daniel Barker, Mat Topham, Kristian Berry, Rob Myers
ResearcherNana Louise Nielsen
Story ContributionsNeil Richards, Steve Jelley, Michael Judge, Jo Denver
CastNikolas Grace (as John Cord), Rhonda Miller (as Chi-Ling Cheung), Patricia Hodge (as Alpha), Constantine Gregory (as Gregor Kostov), David Calder (as Nagarov), David Acton (as Tolstov), Rhonda Miller (as Alexandra), David Wrigglesworth (as Lukyan), Issy Van Randwyck (as Remora)
Music Composed & Conducted ByBarrington Pheloung
Music SupervisorHeather Pheloung
Music AssistantDarrin Campon
Performed ByLondon Metropolitan Orchestra
Theme Song byPat Treacy
Attract Mode MusicJason Page

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Executive ProducerMartin Alltimes
Product ManagerChristopher Ansell
PRElizabeth Ashford, Anne Caroll
Packaging & DesignJames Phippen, RD2
QA Manual ApprovalLee Travers, Peter Gawthorne
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Lead TesterMark Christy
TestersRichard Bunn, John Cassidy, Phil Green, Eddie Lomax, Andy Macoy, Ian McEvoy, Carl McKane, John McLaughlin, Dee Wiswell, Darren Perkins, John Walsh, Robert Sutton, John Hale, Chris Cubbin
Localisation Co‑ordinatorElodie Hummel
Localisation TestersBritta Kuhnen, Nadège Josa, Gaëlle Leysour de Rohello, Susana Paredes Alcaraz , Ramiro Aguir, Miguel Sanchez, Cecilia Salcedo, Nathalie Lacroix, Francesca Bonati, Maria Soledad Marco, Annalura Milia, Marlene Danaia, Anna Matveeva

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Credits for this game were contributed by //dbz: (5277)