The Italian Job Credits (PlayStation)

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The Italian Job Credits


Chief ExecutiveJane Cavanagh
Development ManagerDarren Barnett
Creative Development ManagerPatrick O'Luanaigh
ProducerPeter Hickman
Associate ProducerMarc Titheridge
Lead QADave Isherwood, Luigi Fusco
QA TeamBen Mason, Carl Perrin, Matt Friday, Joe Best, Joseph Pirocco
LicensingSimon Hewitt
SCI Sales & Marketing TeamBill Ennis, David Clark, Keith Hodgetts, Jacy Lamb, Chris Mehers, Chris Walton, Ray Livingston, Justyna Cielecki, Patrick Short
PRSam Forrest
AdministrationAndy Judd, Katie Blundell, Fern Robertson, Jessica Bradford, Helen Clark
Operations and ProductionNicole Beale, Jon Wild
LegalMatthew Freeman, Jo Tidy
Music/Sound EffectsAllister Brimble, Will Davis
Vocal DirectorPhil Morris
Vocal TalentDavid Coker, Laurel Lefkow, Phil Cornwell

For Pixilogic

DirectorBryan Reynolds
Lead ProgrammerChris Butler
Lead ArtistRichard Richter
Lead DesignerJohn Li
ArtistRobin Ball, Simon Beal, Ian Shepherd
ProgrammerRobin Mangham
DesignerKris Gormley

For Audio Motion

Creative DirectorTerry Hylton
StoryboardsNeil Maguire, Bryn Williams
Head ArtistIlyas Kaduji
AnimatorsMartin Lanzinger, Mark Wallman
AudioDes Tong
Post+EditSteve Garratt
Technical AdvisorsGrant Holdsworth, The London Mini Centre

For Paramount

Director, Product Development - Interactive & TechnologyHarry Lang
Supervisor, Product Development - Interactive & TechnologyDaniel Felts

Special Thanks To

(For SCI)Jonathan Court, Matthew Miles Griffiths, Lee Singleton
(For Pixelogic)Planet PC, The families of the staff for their support during the making of the Italian Job
(For Paramount Pictures)Andrea Hein, Terri Helton, Pam Newton, Nancy Bassett, Mona Metwalli, Sylvia Cascallar

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