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Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Jackie's grandfather
The villain
Jackie stuffing his face.
Level selection
Chinatown start
Bouncing to get one of the dragon heads.
Kicking an enemy.
Dropping a stack of boxes on the adversaries.
Climbing the metal boxes to reach a high platform.
Sliding down a power cable.
Falling on some barrels.
Level score
Level start
Sliding down to get a dragon head.
Using a fish as a weapon.
Hitting the kitchen enemies with a cooking pot.
Throwing one of the foes.
Climbing to get one of the dragon heads.
Running from the truck.
Two dragon heads
Using an engine piece as a weapon.
Fighting the enemies with a manhole cover.
Jackie getting burned by the hot grate.
Fighting with a long pole.
Hit by a passing car.
On the edge
Jumping to avoid a fast car.
Road sign
Trampling a group of enemies with a rolling object.
Taking a ride on the top of a truck.
Kitchen boss
Boss defeated
Climbing the stairs.
Jackie doing some acrobatic maneuvers.
Using a life saver as a weapon.
Moving crates.
Running from the incoming train.