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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 4.3

Critic Reviews

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Sports Gaming Network (Dec 13, 2000)
Jarrett & Labonte's championship mode is incredible--it's challenging, addictive, and the vast amounts of tracks and cars will keep racers busy for a long time. The different team contract requirements keep things fresh and also add a lot of replay value. Racers won't spend a lot of time collecting cars or learning how to handle each one like in Gran Turismo; however, the intense racing action itself provides a lot of replay value and no two races are ever alike.
Video Games (Aug, 2000)
Man muss es neidlos anerkennen: Die Jungs von Codemasters haben's einfach drauf, wenn's um Rennspiele geht. Nach dem sensationell starken Colin McRae Rally 2 setzt man mit dem dritten Teil der TOCA-Serie noch einen drauf. Für PlayStation1-Verhältnisse ist das Rennvergnügen fast perfekt – vom sensationell feinfühligen Gameplay über die nochmals verbesserte Weitsicht bis hin zur faszinierenden Strategie des Gegner (machen genauso Fehler wie ihr) wird hier Tourenwagen-Sport der absoluten Spitzenklasse geboten. Wir haben lange überlegt, was wir überhaupt kritisieren können und sind neben der fehlenden Musik nur bei der neben Sony's GT 2 etwas verblassenden Fahrzeugauswahl von knapp 40 Modellen, was aber eigentlich auch dicke reicht, fündig geworden. Fazit: TOCA WTC rocks like hell und holt Performance-technisch das Letzte aus eurer grauen Kiste raus. Holt euch diesen Last-Generation-PS-Racer unbedingt – Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!
I was totally blown away with this title, overall it is certainly right up there with the greats like GT2 and RR4, taking good stuff from each and combining them to make a very unique racing experience. I loved its many realistic aspects - like pieces falling off in realtime and then "feeling" the effect they have on the cars.for instance, if your front spoiler falls off your car loses a bit of downdraft that you can feel when nosing into a corner. Another cool thing is that when you lap around the track again, the piece is still sitting there in the middle of out not to hit it! The challenge system used to progress you through the game is brilliant and the whole presentation from the graphics and sounds to the gameplay is top notch. I even loved hearing the pit crew yelling at me to stop smashing the car into a wall or urging me to come in for a pit stop. The whole package comes together to give you total driving nirvana.
Power Unlimited (Sep, 2000)
PC bezitters zullen wel zuur zijn dat er alleen een PSX versie uitgebracht wordt, want TOCA WTC is echt een hele dikke racer die zonder twijfel hoog gaat eindigen in de ranglijsten van alle racefans. Vooral de introduktie van internationale tracks maakt het tot een echte wereldtitel.
GameSpot (Oct 09, 2000)
In the end, Jarrett and Labonte Stock Car Racing is a solid racing game that's great fun for anyone who really enjoys spending a great deal of time learning all the ins and outs of a totally in-depth racing game. It's definitely one of the best PlayStation racing games to come out this year.
Mega Fun (Aug, 2000)
Wer es liebt, seine Runden simulationslastig zu drehen, ist bei TOCA WTC genau richtig. Von der kleinsten Stoßdämpfer-Modifikation bis hin zur Reifenwahl üben alle Veränderungen einen spürbaren Unterschied auf das Fahrverhalten aus. Zahlreiche Cups und Boni sorgen zudem für Langzeitmotivation. Doch leider könnte die Grafik, vor allem die der Randbebauungen, etwas detailreicher sein. Zudem stört die Tatsache, dass sich verlorene Kotflügel etwa nicht nachteilig auf Beschleunigung und Fahrverhalten auswirken. Dennoch: Ein Sim-Muss!
85 (Aug 24, 2000)
Toca World Touring Cars se révèle donc à la hauteur des espérances placées dans ce soft en disposant d’une réalisation impeccable qui devrait satisfaire pour longtemps l’ensemble des joueurs. Sans conteste le digne représentant de toute sa catégorie.
IGN (Oct 17, 2000)
Having played a lot of racing games (dozens over the last 20-plus years), I find that Jarrett and Labonte is an odd one. Perhaps it's because I haven't been spoon-fed touring car games or broadcasts all my life, but maybe it's because this game truly is a weird concoction of elements that don't quite gel. It's got the right license for the US, it's packed with great physics, superb realtime car deformation, and perhaps some of the toughest opponent AI I've seen in the last two years of racer on PS2, but I simply haven't fallen in love with it. It's sort of like a woman I know is pretty, that other men drool over, but she simply doesn't pique my interest. The learning curve isn't tough, but you'll have to love this game to really enjoy it. It has all the elements to make it a great game, but I simply didn't fall in love with it. Perhaps you will, it's certainly a good game.
TOCA World Touring Cars handlar främst om att köra bil och därför finns det inte överdrivet mycket att pyssla med mellan loppen. Däremot har Codemasters, som vanligt, lagt ned mycket möda på kontroll och körkänsla. De olika bilmodellernas egenskaper skiljer sig rejät åt och givetvis påverkas de även av ovan nämda skador. Och lyckligtvis har man även den här gången lyckats hitta den där rätta balansen mellan avancerad realism och förlåtande arkadkänsla som, i alla fall i min värld, gör ett bilspel riktigt underhållande. Jag tycker visserligen fortfarande att Colin McRae-spelen är det bästa Codemasters har gjort men det handlar mer om personlig smak än om verklig kvalitetsskillnad. TOCA World Touring Cars är ännu ett suveränt bilspel från de engelska mästarna i underhållningsklassen.
Gamekult (Oct 06, 2000)
Toca World Touring Cars marque un tournant décisif dans la série. Plus accessible, plus beau, bref, plus fun, le jeu est sans conteste le meilleur des trois Toca. Son mode "Championnat" est bien pensé et les adversaires ont un comportement en course que de nombreux jeux du genre peuvent lui envier. Un bon investissement pour qui aime s'adonner à la course automobile comme pour celui qui a envie de découvrir le Touring Car.
PSX Extreme (Dec 06, 2000)
While it may not be Gran Turismo 2, Jarrett and Labonte still holds ground but only for stock car racing enthusiasts. I can't really recommend it to anybody like I can GT2, but you may want to at least give the game a rental. Jarrett and Labonte: Stock Car Racing has nice visuals, the gameplay to go along with it that features over 50 cars, 20 tracks and a ton of other options that let you customize your car and race, although the soundtrack was somewhat of a let down, but the control on the other hand is nice, you can adjust the sensitivity to how you want your car to handle based on the analog sticks.
I think NASCAR with names like Jarrett and Labonte on the front cover, but the game couldn’t be farther from it. It’s basically an old fashioned racing game with some little tweaks (like car damage that includes flying hoods and dragging bumpers), lots of nice tracks (there’s 23 of them), and some decent driving physics that are real enough to be challenging, but still forgiving enough to give the game a good arcade feel. It’s not the be all, end all of racing games, but it is better than average.