Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 Credits

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 ©2000 - Acclaim Salt Lake City

Project ManagementAl Mecklenburg, Paul Blagay
Game DesignNathan Sumsion, Gabriel Nicholas
Technical DirectorRob Nelson
Lead ProgrammerPaul Blagay
Programming StaffMatt Parrish, Nate Robins, Sean Igo, Larry A. Bowen, David Brady, Altair S. Lane, Justin Towns, Jay Kint
Additional ProgrammingChris Caulfield, Cliff Davies, Robert C. Dibley
Art DirectorJane Bradley, John Kilbourn
Lead ArtistGreg Alden Davis
Art StaffBryan Safarik, David Butters, Josh Goodale, Lill Ohman, Johnny Jensen, Seong Suk Oh, Luke Gustafson, Joe Buffington
Lead Sound DesignerMike Berg
Additional Sound DesignBruce North
Sound StaffBob Dayley, Mark Ganus
Audio ToolsBob Dayley
Title MusicThe Offspring
Track TunesCounterpoint, Andre Hoth
Additional Video FootageProvided by MXFilms

Quality Assurance

QA ManagerGary Rowberry
QA SupervisorsJeff Byers
Senior Game AnalystPreston Whitney
TestersKelly Murphy, Robert Trautner, Matt Nussbaum, Ryan Bisson, Ryan Whearty, Jon Goates, Roy Terry, Kyle Nelson, Devon Hargraves, Derrick Halls, Mike Snow, Zach Woolf, Dane Faulkner, Matt Serna, Tyler Pendleton, Anthon Johnson, Adam Harris, Jon Marquette

Acclaim New York

Director of IS and QAHarry Reimer

NY Quality Assurance

ManagerMike Patterson
SupervisorsMatthew Canonico, Michael Pietrafesa
Sr. Lead AnalystDaren Chencinski
Lead AnalystRussell Ballenger, Kristian Telschow
Project LeadsVictor Moreyra, Lance Williams
Assistant Project LeadAdam Davidson, Lloyd Thompson
TestersRobert Boucher, Joe Carbone, Jason Gold, Steve Guillaume, Haklin Ng, Daryl Perroncino, Caleb Reese, Tyrone Rose, James J. Seetal, Zachary Smith, Mike Derosa, James Ackermann, D. J. Peluso
IS ManagersKevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
IS SupervisorDavid Pollick
Turnover CoordinatorChristopher Maher
Turnover TechnicianMaksim Imas
Sr. TechniciansLeigh Busch, Andy Basile
TechniciansMike Sterzel, Christopher Coppola
LocalizationRaquel Garcia González, Stefanie Scheele, Eric Nguyen
"Genocide"Performed by The Offspring from the album , Courtesy from Epitaph. P 1994 Epitaph used by permission. All rights reserved., Published by Gamete Music BMI
"Reflection", "Romancing Oliver", "Is This Living", and "Thibor"Performed by Counterpoint from the album Courtesy of Pointless Records. P 1996 Pointless Recordings used by permission. All rights reserved.
"Torpedo Delight", "Jack and Jill", "The Dark Road", "Whiner", and "Evil Lips"Andre Hoth (Written and produced at Acclaim Studios SLC ©2000 Acclaim Sports All rights reserved.)
Special ThanksJeremy McGrath, Jeff Surwall, Michael Traub, Andy Thyssen, Tomas Arce, Craig Galley, Jeremy Howa, David Rudolph, Gary Lake-Schaal, Stephen Blagay, Carole Blagay, Jon Blagay, Treva Bowen, Clarissa Bowen, Gary Stenning, Darren Stenning, Holly Braithwaite, Mandy Parrish, Kirstin Cook, Judy Jette, Jeff Howard, Mike Gosselaar, Shiree Gosselaar, Christopher Gosselaar, Todd Gosselaar, Caleb Gosselaar, Drew Gosselaar, Scooter Robins, Puppy Robins, John Day, Libby Day, Eve Day, Remlee Dunford, Ross Benedict, Teresa Benedict, Quinn Benedict, Howard Tayler, Sandra Tayler, Kelya Tayler, Aarik Tayler, Mitchell Petersen, Alex Petersen, Liz Brady, Shandra N. Jensen, Tyler J. Jensen, Stockton Paiz, Bob Piper, Justin Grover, Cliff White, Sandy White, And everyone at Team Honda

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65847)