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Jimmy Johnson's VR Football '98 Credits

67 people (41 developers, 26 thanks)

For Padded Cell

ProducersBobby King, Bernard Whang
Executive ProducerMichael Knauer
Lead ProgrammingMichael Knauer (A.I.), Christopher Deel (Arcade), Nigel Spencer (Shell/Sound), Tom McWilliams (Shell)
Additional ProgrammingLarry Garner (GM Mode), Andrew Green (Play Editor), Michael Heilemann (Low Level/Movies)
ArtworkPatrick Downey, Dan Santiago, Clifford Lau, John Bell, Alvyn Ramirez
Additional Artwork & Texture MappingBernard Whang
DesignPadded Cell Studios
Play DesignBobby King
Music & SFXBarry Blum, Anna Karney
Voice TalentWalter Fields
Video SupervisorClifford Lau
ManualBernard Whang
TestingAdrian Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez, Sergio Fernandez, Bobby King, Bernard Whang

For VR Sports

Director of VR SPorts DevelopmentMatthew Findley
ProducerJeffrey Karl Barnhart
Line ProducerBrandon Lee Lang
Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Quality Assurance ManagerColin Totman
Quality Assurance TechSteve Cabiness
Lead TesterJames Dunn
TestersKaycee Vardeman, James Harrison, Donnie Cornwell, Eduardo Robles, Charlie Gale, Douglas Finch, Christopher Jones
MarketingPaul Sackman, Stacy Bremmer, Tod Mack, Kirk Green, Stephanie Ramirez
Manual Layout/DesignLarry Fukuoka
Special ThanksJimmy Johnson, Tom Reuterdahl, Linda Blanchard, Nick Antczak, John Brandwood, Dag Richards, Dennis McIntyre, Dave Terry, Mimi Doggett, Neil Plakcy, Broadcast Video, Gary Ruderman, Rosa King, Scott Sava, Wendi Storm, Gordon Hart, Jeff Bailey, Ron Brown, Rich Hill, Dave Raymond, Gene Goldberg, Wendy Amdevsky, Walker, Leshawn Lawson, Nick Christin, Washington Redskinettes

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Douglas Finch, 46 other games
Barry Blum, 43 other games
Matthew Findley, 41 other games
Andrew Green, 40 other games
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Walter Fields, 36 other games
Bernard Whang, 34 other games
Donnie Cornwell, 33 other games
Larry Fukuoka, 32 other games
Steve Cabiness, 32 other games
Jeffrey Karl Barnhart, 31 other games
Nigel Spencer, 30 other games
John Brandwood, 30 other games
Kaycee Vardeman, 26 other games
Paul Sackman, 23 other games
Anna Karney, 22 other games
Bobby King, 20 other games
Eduardo Robles, 19 other games
Tom McWilliams, 19 other games
Mimi Doggett, 17 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10541) and Jeanne (76347)