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GameFan Magazine (Mar, 1996)
Johnny Bazookatone is a very cool game. What seems like a basic platformer at first has much bigger aspirations, as you'll find some pretty deep gameplay here. Add to that excellent rendered graphics and some inspired tunes and you've got yourself...surprise! A 2-D platformer on a next-gen system worth owning. I still need more.
Mega Fun (Feb, 1996)
Allein schon aufgrund dieser abgedrehten Hintergrundstory sticht dieses Game aus der breiten Masse der Jump ‘n Runs hervor, aber auch die originelle, gerenderte Spielfigur durfte von jedem gleich ins Herz geschlossen werden, wenn es darum geht, gegen die Armeen des Satans zu bestehen. Hinzu gesellt sich ein innovativer Discosound, der das Gehüpfe hervorragend untermalt und nie langweilig wird. Auch die schrillen Farben der Grafik sowie der Einfallreichstum bei der Gestaltung der Gegner wissen zu gefallen. Aufgrund der allzu genauen Steuerungsabfrage werden zwar manchmal sehr genaue Sprünge benötigt,doch wirkt sich der erhöhte Schwierigkeitsgrad meines achtens nur positiv auf die Motivation aus. Fazit: Eine nette Hopserei mit schöner Vorzeigetechnik und einem gut durchdachten Leveldesign.
Video Games (Feb, 1996)
Superneue Ideen werden zwar auch in Johnny Bazookatone nicht verbraten, was geboten wird ist jedoch sehr abwechslungsreich und läßt Euch ab und zu auch grübeln. Das einzige, was mich echt stört, sind die Rücksetzpunkte. Die Haupt-Level sind teilweise ziemlich lang und nach jedem verlorenen Leben am Level-Anfang weiterzumachen, frustriert doch ein wenig. Ansonsten ist das Teil nämlich echt gut durchdacht. Es gibt für jede schwere Stelle den richtigen Trick, die Grafik unterhält über die ganze Distanz und der Sound ist mal so richtig gelungen. So viele gute Jump'n'Runs gibt’s ja für die beiden Systeme noch nicht. Johnny Bazookatone ist zwar kein Musterbeispiel für ein flüssiges Hüpfspiel, Freunde des Genres sollten es sich aber unbedingt einmal etwas länger anschauen.
This is one of the most unique side-scrollers I have seen in a long time. The most impressive aspects of JB are the colorful and imaginative SGI graphics that are sharp as well as the great music and large levels. The control took a while to get used to because of the many buttons you need to use simultaneously. Don't expect to fly through the levels though, because they can become quite difficult. If you are looking for a great side-scrolling game, Johnny B. is your man!
NowGamer (Jan 23, 1996)
With a decent variety of settings and stages, including underwater sections and a karting stage played in ventilation shafts, there is plenty to keep you amused. The attention to detail is good, and there are loadsa neat touches throughout the game. If you fancy a change from frilly 3D and fancy virtuality, stick on yer blue suede shoes, put on yer dancing pants and get mellow to the cool-blue sounds of JB.
Electric Playground (Apr 21, 1996)
Johnny Bazookatone is an interesting and exciting character stuck inside a problematic, forgettable game engine. There are some puzzle elements for the gamer to encounter but for the most part this is heavily trodden territory and something that most of us would have rather left behind on 16-bit. Once again, I can recommend this game to players that don't have an overly extensive history playing these kinds of scrollers. There won't be too many games like Bazookatone on the PlayStation (for obvious reasons) so if you're inclined to venture into a 2D adventure on your PSX and you have a fairly high tolerance for frustration, I think you'll find lots to enjoy in Johnny Bazookatone. Game players that have been around this platformer block in the past owe it to their pocketbooks to rent this one before stepping up to purchase it. There's a lot in the game, just not enough of what you haven't played before.
GamePro (US) (Mar, 1996)
The graphics are Donkey Kong and Earthworm Jim and the outstanding sounds feature funky house jams and sluggish controls are the biggest concern; you character doesn't always respond precisely. Johnny's a looker.
Unfortunately, the difficulty is tuned to such a level that the game will be nearly impossible to all but the hardest of the hard core action/platforming fans. It really is a shame as Johnny is a gorgeous game that shouldn't be missed. If you can find it cheap or at a local rental outlet, by all means, check it out.
IGN (Nov 25, 1996)
Johnny Bazookatone is your basic side-scroller. Sure the characters are well designed and the backgrounds are nice and colorful, but what it all comes down to is that this has been loads of times before, and ten times better. Add to that an unfairly high level of difficulty and you've got yourself a frustrating little game.
It's not that there's anything wrong with this idea as such, it's more that the way it has been put together is absolutely dreadful. All of the sprites are really blurry and fuzzy and they're not much fun to look at either. Plus, there doesn't seem to be any detail on the characters and they're all on the dark side. Kind of excusable on a 16-bit machine, but how on earth did this happen on the Playstation? Surely the programmers could have made Johnny B a bit bigger too? No? Oh well. Still, this wouldn't be too awful if the rest of the game was packed with sumptuous backdrops and thumb-blistering gameplay. But it isn't. Sad.