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Jonah Lomu Rugby Credits

24 people (21 developers, 3 thanks)

Jonah Lomu Rugby

ProgrammingTony McCabe, Steve Williams, Antonio Argentieri
Commentary & Audio ProgrammingJohn O’Dowd
Game DesignTony McCabe, Andrew Hague, Richard Darling
Sound Effects & MusicKevin Bruce
ArtworkGordon Theobald, Lee Seabridge, Andrew Taylor, Claire Cooper, Michael Hanrahan
Motion CaptureRob Callaway
Team InformationLee Mather, Trevor Williams
CommentaryBill McLaren, Bill Beaumont
Head of ProductionSteve Holley
Project ManagementStewart Regan, Andy Williams, Tony McCabe
Thanks toRadio Borders, Trevor Williams, Paul Finnegan


Quality Assurance (Name in Secret team)Jason Walker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1772) and Rounin (6893)