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Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman: The Shooting Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection screen: Ken the Eagle
Character selection screen: Joe the Condor
Character selection screen: Jun the Swan
Character selection screen: Jinpei the Swallow
Getting some briefing from Dr. Nambu.
Jun shouting the transformation phrase "Bird Go!" that seem to be a must in anime of this kind.
Transformation complete!
Taking out some turrets and soldiers with a razor yo-yo.
There's never a dull second in this game. Not a moment goes by without an explosion or two.
Collecting these bonuses increases your firepower.
The first boss encounter. Kill the robot while avoiding the laser beams.
Using a scooter to get around stage 2.
Huge, impressing enemies are a must in shooters of this kind.