Advertising Blurbs
    There is a world where humans and Timenoids have existed together for generations. The Timenoids are physically identical to the humans in every way but one: they have blue blood coursing through their veins, which also makes their skin blue. Because Timenoids are immortal they enjoy a ruling status over the humans.

    Located deep within a thick forest is the Timenoid Castle. A girl, Millennia, lives within this castle with one goal in life: to kill all humans. Although she's a human, she was brainwashed by her Timenoid foster mother to believe that the very existence of humans is wrong. Millennia can achieve immortality and become a Timenoid only if she successfully exterminates the human race.

    As Millennia, you must protect the Timenoid's castle from invaders. You can use traps and devices when you need them but the nature of the mission depends on your decision. What you decide to do will also decide the outcome of the game. It's all up to you. Can you help Millennia achieve her goal?

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Nov 14, 2004.