Kagero: Deception II Screenshots (PlayStation)

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Intro, the circus is in town
Intro, the town
Intro, circus
Intro, clown
Intro, a lone child
Title Screen
They speak about you
Trap settings
Some advice before enter in the castle
Checking traps ?
Change your name or keep Millennia
Loading Screen
HQ screen, here, you can save/load, choose traps and have statistics
By pressing circle, you can place your traps (ground, wall or air)
Three combos means three traps in the same time
Well done, you have killed humans
Each room have basic traps too like electric chair, fire and other stuffs...
The victims profile is important to know if the human is protected against one sort of trap
The list of traps and effects
At the end of chapters, there are points to gain new traps
cutscene of humans before game
The big villain of the game
Making new trap, here, a fire wall