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Killing Zone Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The first thing seen when you load the game.
The main menu.
Select your monster.
The second arena of the game fighting against the Dark Faerie. The order of the arenas is preset, but the order of the opponents is randomized.
Beating the Dark Faerie.
The third arena and the opponent is Frankenstein
Wheres he gone...
Next up, the Werewolf. Some of his moves transform him into a wolf which makes his attacks do more damage.
Arena number 5 and the Mummy opposes. Can you guess what his special ability is.
The Mummy admires the Mintotaurs axe.
Not the most interesting background to the sixth arena even if the glacier the fight takes place on careens down something unknown as the fight occurs
The final arena and fight; a mirror match.