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Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo: Jigoku Yūen Satsujin Jiken Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Opening movie
Main menu
Game options
Gameplay controller
Hajime's romantic dream
Miyuki doesn't like what she's witnessing
He seems really engrossed in his dream
The police inspector is heading to the scene of a crime
It's good thing inspector knows Hajime by his reputation as a sleuth
Examining evidence at the crime scene
Suicide or a murder... it won't take Hajime too long to answer that
Guess we have ourselves a murder to solve
Miyuki is impatient to go visit a Shell Park
Two is fine, but three is a crowd according to Hajime
Yumihiko Fujiwara is too busy to introduce himself
Meeting new characters
Ryuuji came prepared
Talking to the theme park's manager, Masako Shinmi
Chihiro likes to take the scene for herself
Shell Park companion staff, Kayo Minamoto
Dialogue choices
Free pass for everyone
Starting the game in the Visitor World area of Shell Park
Aqua World landmark tower
Sachiko is introducing you with the new areas
Entering Aqua World area through the connecting bridge
You can use stamp in each new key area you visit
Shell Park map for stamps