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Kingsley's Adventure Credits (PlayStation)

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Kingsley's Adventure Credits

Kingsley's Adventure was brought to you by...

Lead ProgrammersPeter Marshall, Stewart Sargaison
Lead ArtistScott Butler
Lead DesignerJames Smith
Programming TeamGraham Clemo, Justin Heyes-Jones, Pat Byrne, Antonio Miscellaneo, Peter Wake, Richard Weeks
Art TeamChee Kin Chan, Mark Smith, Bryan Verboon, Christer Sveen, Noel Flores-Watson, Nina-Simone Drabwell, Nathalie Jean-Bart, Rogan MacDonald
Design TeamAlastair Cornish, Brendan McNamara, Tiziano Riolfo, Richard Holdsworth, Dayne Wright
Music & Sound EffectsAlastair Lindsay
Original ConceptPeter Marshall
Additional StoryRichard Holdsworth, Richard Weeks, Rogan MacDonald
M.I.S.Martin Rollinson, Deepa Patel
Quality AssuranceAndrew Durney, Mark Slade, Tracey Tweedle, Paul Tweedle, Mark Inman, Paul French, Paul Moreton, Robert Sutton, Lee Darbyshire, David Parkinson, Pat Russell, Peter Samuels, Jo Murphy, Thomas O'Connor
CPD ManagersKym Seligman, Dawn Paine
FMV SequencesSmoke & Mirrors
Intro NarrationBernard Cribbins
Special Thanks toCarole Wright, Vanessa Wood, SDL, David Rose, Juan Montes, Chris Deering, Kevin McSherry, Ingo Zaborowski, Russell Coburn, Lee Travers, Simon Roberts, Barry John Edwards
Studio ManagerRob Parkin
Executive ProducerBrendan McNamara
ProducerRon Festejo
Developed entirely on location atPsygnosis Camden Studio

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (218117)