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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title Screen
Klonoa finds a mysterious ring which has dropped from the sky
Klonoa and Huepow look at Bell Hill
Shoot an enemy with a wind bullet to inflate it and pick it up
When in the air, jump again and you'll throw the enemy you're holding
The gruff Balue stops Klonoa from progressing
Riding the windmill's lift
Completing a level shows you the world map
Inside the mines
Shield-holding enemies can only be shot from behind
Riding down on a minecart
It starts to rain as you reach the waterfall
Hit the pillar with an enemy to make it fall
The evil Ghadius kidnaps Lephise
Joka sends out the boss, Rongo Lango
Forlock Forest is withered and dying
A key can unlock doors with a key symbol on them
These enemies are only vulnerable for a short time
Enemies are off in the distance as well
A Jugpot soldier is stuck in Forlock Forest
The waterspouts in Jugpot rise and fall regularly
The waterfall in Jugpot is flowing in reverse!
Enemies squish against the ceiling as you carry them through narrow gaps
Grab the enemies and ride the platforms for yourself
Jugpot's castle can be seen off in the distance
The Mirror Spirit doubles a gem's value
Inside the huge pot
This fish is trapped in a cage
The Jugpot King has been brainwashed by Ghadius
Forlock Forest is green once more
Springs can help you reach higher places
The gondola is not working
Joka is up to more tricks, hiding the keys to prevent your progress
Use the gondolas to travel to unreachable areas
A trapped Phantomilian is stuck in a bubble